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Ah, Emilio Ghisoni's MaTeBa MTR series, looks like a MTR-8. Puts the bore axis as low as possible by relocating the cylinder. They were built for rapid fire competition as the low axis allows faster target sight re-acquisition.

Ghisoni's most famous gun is the MaTeBa Unica-6 autorevolver. It was made famous as Detective Togusa's gun of choice in the original Ghost In The Shell animated feature.

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Gen 2, not bad. I have an RDB. It's worlds different than the SU-16CA I had years ago. The RDB feels like a proper gun, the SU16 felt pretty toy-like.

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Trumps plan to relocate the majority of these apparatchiks offices out into flyover country will likely have the same net effect. All the swamplings will quit and try to get another job that lets them live the good life in the Capitol. I say as soon as one bureau is moved, immediately sell off it's buildings to the private sector to bollix any future administration that wants to reconcentrate power in DC.

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The Pendleton Civil Service Act of 1883, signed into law by Chester A. Arthur.

Basically, prior to that, the office of the President operated on the spoils system: to the victor go the spoils, so the new POTUS generally fired all or most government employees and replaced them with those of his own choosing.

The PCSA was supposed to create a neutral civil service that would administer the minutiae of government and alleviate the disruption caused by having to retrain a new administrative class at the beginning of a new administration.

IMO, it could be salvaged by broadening the scope of what is fireable conduct and streamlining the appeals process, i.e. you get one appeal, held ASAP, and if it goes against you, that's it.

Also, axe the pension system and move all GS employees to 401K plans.

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Simple: If an immigrant gets on public assistance benefits (Welfare, EBT, WIC, etc), then it negatively affects their chances at getting a green card and on the path towards citizenship.

The left has argued that this is racist since it will primarily affect "people of color" more than, say, European or Asian immigrants, who tend to be self sufficient upon arrival.

This is key as now the millions of "refugees" soaking up taxpayer funded assistance programs (that were intended to be used by taxpayers who had paid into the system to use in times of temporary financial distress) who have never paid a dime into the system, and who are generally never going to be net contributors to society.

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Depending on the state this person works/resides in, it definitely warrants a call to the police and an ERPO being taken out against them, and the police seizing any firearms or other weapons they might have.

The delicious schadenfreude is a welcome bonus.

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Classic O'Keefe/Project Veritas strategy:

1: Gather a ton of recordings of their subjects being themselves.
2: Release the information one revelation at a time.
3: The campaign heads deny, deflect and spin and claim that it's a nobody
4: Having done their research, they drop another bomb proving the higher ups
deflections and denials are lies.
5: Lather, rinse, repeat.

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Depends on how politically connected they are. In Eric Holder's case, he was held in contempt and nothing was done. A relative nobody would be arrested and jailed.

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edit: one sec, that's a slack link. I'll grab the photo. Original was a slack link, downloaded and posted on postimage:

Original source is a screen cap from a Bernie Bro's phone app. I'm covering for a coworker this weekend, so I can't go myself.

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POTUS' legal team has full authority to subpoena witnesses and compel them to testify or be held in contempt.

Worst case, they show up, plead the 5th and clam up for the duration of the hearings. Even so, he can take torpedo the electoral campaigns of Biden and others by requiring them to be in DC to attend the hearings.

But there's also the discovery process and the documents, emails, text messages, etc, etc from the FISA court, FBI, CIA and so on that will be damning, especially if Trump follows form and declassifies it, as is his privilege as POTUS.

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Trump has stated why he wants a trial: he'll subpoena everyone even remotely involved in Russiagate and all the other shenanigans, and cross examine them under oath in the Senate. Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Sztrock, Hunter and Joe Biden, Kerry, hell he might even subpoena Hillary, Obama and Holder too, since this shit started while they were still in office.

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