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It was a local band and two from out of state. No one super famous. I don't really want to talk names and directly implicate myself in case one of the pussies tries to press charges, hence me leaving out the city etc...

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Don't take any guff from these swine. 90% of them are absolute cowards. I had two friends with me and they didn't even feel the need to step in.

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I was pretty pumped they came after me tbh, I always figured they would be shit at fighting due to the lack of experience and thought they wouldn't be able to eat a punch. Tonight confirmed it.

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-gets exposed as a shill

-makes bigoted statement to appear is not a shill, while not realizing they don't speak the conservative vernacular at all.

GTFO commie

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What I have extracted from your word salad:

  1. your a bot, hence the username

  2. your mentally deranged.

I'm inclined to lean towards #1, but shit people are weird nowadays.

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Isn't it funny how mass shootings and other scary stuff happen leading up to national elections?

From the article quoted:

"One thing that we've seen in outbreaks in the past is countries try to put up travel bans or propose restrictive travel in an attempt to stop the spread of an outbreak," said Alexandra Phelan, an adjunct professor at the Georgetown University law school who works on policy issues related to infectious diseases."

Sounds like an open boarders, globalist plot to me

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I hope they come to SF, would love for one of these retards to put their hands on me. GTFO!

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Anti-Semitism is cool and totally doesn't give the left ammo to go after us....

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I hate to break it to you, but if you read my post you would see I do not follow any established religion, to much guesswork. I am going to a non-denominational Christian Church. I believe in God and doing the right thing. The rest is pomp and circumstance.

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Lets keep pushing then. Shout it from the rooftops till its done.

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Going to Catholic school during all the previous sex abuse scandals really drove me away from institutional churches. Not to mention the vast amount of capital the Catholic Church is sitting on that they could use to solve the world's problems.

I also just thought that there are so many religions that it would be impossible to select the right one. At the time I thought to myself, "Why argue over who's imaginary friend is real"

At this point I still feel that way, but I do believe there is a God and while I'm not following any strict doctrine, I am going to a non-denominational church. My philosophy at this point is "Be kind, help others when possible and treat other people the way you want to be treated". I feel like if you live a good life, God won't care if you called him the wrong name or didn't know which version of him to follow.

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I may have to make a habit out of doing this at anti-American stores, like Dicks Sporting Goods. Anyone know how to dial into the PA system from their in store phone?

I don't think red-pilling is a crime...yet.

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Next time, it was a spur of the moment thing, I wasn't expecting them to be patching incoming calls to phones that anyone could just pick up. I figured it was a manager or employee calling for another.

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That sound after the first punch when pantifa's skull smashed off the pavement...and the Darwin Award goes to...

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Same here, loved getting news from r_TheDonald but didn't want to sign up and give the liberals at reddit any support.

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We need a #cuckbot that identifies various cucks and other degenerates

"Cuckbot has identified your are posting liberal bullshit, and awards you the title of cuck"

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Reddit is gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Oh free speech is glorious

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His name is Eric Ciaramella, world famous cuck!