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Sometimes I hope for massive solar flare that would totally destroy the it infrastructure and make money meaningless. Then those limpwristed big tech communists would be free game, and humanity would be free of their sick manipulations.

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They have to force Whites to have sex with blacks, you can see it on TV, all the ads where they show happy mixed race couples, usually White women and black men (women are easier to brainwash). When in actuality mixed race relations are statistically not a good thing. (STD statistics, out of wedlock births, absent father, domestic abuse)

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Go the fuck back to shithole africa. It's impossible to coexist peacefully with these people.

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Well since the fbi declared White Supremacists the no1 national emergency (lol), the real insurgents and commies are not on their radar

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As I've said before, the police are not there to protect You, they're there to protect the criminals. They are the ones standing in the way of swift vigilante justice. Exhibit a: Kenosha Kid If the cops would just say fuckit and resign or disobey their commie mayors and higher ups, the patriots would end the commie rioters in a day, probably less.

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Lately it seems that cops are there to protect the rioters as well and not the innocent people.

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Excerpts from the article: "Asked whether he has access to a firearm currently, she (boys mother) answered: 'I don't believe he does, but I just found out that... he showed one of my workers a prop gun, or a BB gun or a pellet gun. It wasn't a big weapon.'"

"The videos don't seem to show the boy holding any weapon and police don't mention any in a report also released Monday."

Read the article before you comment stupid shit.

If this was a black dude, the cops would have gone out of their way to de-escalate.

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The music industry, the same as pedowood is controlled by the same people. If musicians want to make serious money and reach charts they have to toe the line. But some of them are litterally cucked like "metal" band machine head, what a faggot robb flynn is.

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you can get modded spotify on torrent with premium features enabled, stop giving money to woke faggots.

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Maybe being "anti-racist" and "post-racist" wasn't such a smart move. In-group preference is natural and encouraged within all other races except Whites. Multiracial and "diverse" society will never be peaceful, blood will always be thicker than water.

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Women, the mentally ill (transfags) and other reinbow reich soy variety people don't belong in the Navy.

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The replacement is happening, and it's pretty critical. Whites are a worldwide minority, yet western governments pander and give privileges to an actual world majority (blacks). But as history tends to repeat, I believe when White men finally awake, this shit is gonna hit the fan, and it's going to be bloody. The elites and their invading puppets will be removed and we will finally have a beautiful homeland. Fuck diversity.

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