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99% of the material is sourced in the US.

Made by hand in the US.

Based AF.

Edit: bookmark it. They're back ordered on shoes with the COVID bullshit. Fantastic minimalist trail runners.

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Ugly people say ugly things. Don't be or succumb to ugly people's thoughts.

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Let's not espouse the virtues of liberal indoctrination centers masquerading as universities to translate value for our team.

Kayleigh's got brains, beauty and wit to bury her opposition and she didn't gain that in some liberal shit hole University; she maintained it in spite of the place.

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Everyone has to start calling this out.

"Which Black Lives Matter?" because no one gives a shit when black on black crime decimates communities in Chicago, LA, NY, Charleston, New Orleans, Dallas, Houston, Cleveland, etc.

Equality and community is the way out of this mess.

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Up close is where the vast majority of self-defense happens in this country. Don't miss. 😉

I don't carry .22, but to claim it's ineffective is silly. Like all things, it has its place.

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Holy shit, the beta cuck Viking motorcyclist who tweeted all of that is a power bottom worthy of review in Xir's own right 🤣

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This would be fine if the fuckers would fall in line and fucking show up to execute when it counts. Lindsey better fucking deliver on these subpoenas.

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Except that using YT to search for his videos and most conservative videos is, at best, difficult.

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Martial arts and lifting kicks the body's ass. Focusing bigly on recovery, massage, accupuncture, etc. To stay active and healthful. I plan on lifting, hiking, running and riding until I cant., And dying soon thereafter.

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The single greatest moment of this based bastard's career:


Best 21 seconds on YouTube.

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Hopefully I never deal with this. Always so heavily focused on mobility and flexibility. Hopefully it works out.

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OP, pray tell of your form recs.

I don't do barbell rows because of injury risk. Nor Pendlay rows. Switched to dumbbells for rows because fuck getting hurt.

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He bent the fucking knee. ROGUE, Reebok, and a handful of others walked away as sponsors and he bent the knee.

The community is working hard to fuck him over for this one.

Worst part is he was responding, out of frustration, to IHME claims that racism Isa public health threat. He said "FLOYD-19," in response to IHME utter failures for COVID numbers which have decimated the CF community. But he lost woke points for not subscribing to the narratives. Cancel culture is out to kill him.

You can bet, in spite of apologies, he and Brees will be voting Trump 2020.

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  1. they don't vote

  2. they'll all go to cities and keep ruining them

  3. when they have kids or anything they card about which is helpless, they'll turn red over night when they Dems are having cops stand down during riots 🤣

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When we're armed. There's a fucking generation of unarmed 2A hating simps.

Also, owning the gun isn't enough; train. Git gud. It's a liability if you don't even train drawing it from your chosen concealment.

Educate your kids on guns. Make sure they're responsible and own at a young age. Furthermore, make sure they know how to fight. Martial arts promote discipline, fitness, security and self sufficiency.

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"beat his ass" at the ballot box.

Unless it's self defense, let's not be agitators. The "sleeping giant" will remain so until such time that when it wakes, it doesn't slumber until it's done gardening.

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