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Lol. And GameStop, which is attempting to save it's failing business model and the tons of jobs it has, tried to stay open. But since the gaming community is full of douchebag leftists they all screeched and reeeeee'd until local govt forced GameStop to close in California.

Literally across the street best buy remains open.

It's. All. Faggotry.

Open up the businesses. Let older people self quarantine. Get the hydroxy cure to every hospital.

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My apologies, but what the hell? There will never be a man-made utopia. We can do our best to be charitable but the poor will always be with us.

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I live here. Most of us aren't complying with the lockdown, yet we aren't falling into an apocalyptic zombie virus end of the world scenario. The lockdown is needlessly destroying businesses and causing mass layoffs. There's restaurants downtown on my area who don't have catering or drive thru who are losing shit loads of money and are surrounded by businesses that are staying open with normal foot traffic despite "lockdown."

Dr Acton is a crazy person who wants Ohio shut down for months.

Every governor that is doing this will likely preside over a very horrible economic fallout attributed directly to each of them.

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It's not 1% mortality or morbidity or whatever, it is .28%. And Im highly suspicious of the estimate that we'll see 100 million infected.

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Every governor presiding over this debacle will most likely go down in their state's history as the worst governor to ever serve that state.

Unfortunately for Ohio, a battleground state, it's a Republican who has decided to sacrifice his career and risk losing the state internally to dems by listening solely to an Obama donor nutjob named Amy Acton.

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China virus mortality rate provided by WHO is erroneous. Dr Fauci even stated that it is probably .28%, akin to a flu.

Wrong again

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4-6 more weeks? Well, most people around me won't comply. So come with guns, faggot

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Well you motherfuckers better open the doors then.

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Lol I'm sorry but this is all funny to me. Gotta get that one navy ship in there to assist with the flu.

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Funny, all viruses stop before the world ends.

Swine flu infected 60 million Americans. Oh no, the horror

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You have states that are burning their economies to the ground, forcibly destroying businesses and livelihoods.

And then we could see feds come in and say these disaffected people can't get out to try and rebuild elsewhere.

Seems like a recipe for disaster.

Is the idea to reopen businesses within the states and then temporarily shut borders? Maybe that's ok.

But this is all extremely, extremely infuriating given how fucking weak the virus is

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Apparently even the Chinese think that long term quarantine are absolutely insane.

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