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Bro I haven't worn a mask at all. I walk in all of these places.

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They don't care. There's no media or law in this country.

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She gonna poop herself and murder everyone that witnesses it

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Yeah, you are an NPC. You can’t even see why you’re being retarded right now when you smugly claim this is a long term strategy that only smart guys like you can see, but we’ve already seen this play out in just the past 3 years with sessions and it didn’t result in jack shit other than sessions getting his ass handed to him.

You don’t KNOW that this is a long term anything, but you condescend to people who want to see justice.

It makes you an insufferable NPC faggot. And then when you get called out on your faggotry, you whine and moan “oh boohoo this is like reddit where i have no friends boohoo you guys are calling me names”

Get fucked. Don’t condescend to someone if you can’t take a few stupid insults

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A mountain of shit has been released. Joe Biden is running a crime family. Hunter Biden is a crack-smoking, incestuous pedophile who is leveraged by foreign adversarial governments. Is the law going to be enforced EVER?

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"Nice bullying" lmao. You gonna tell your diary that on this day TDW was just like reddit and hurt your feelings? Aw? hahaha. Fucking document it.

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So you didn't keep notes then on everyone complaining about Sessions? Lol. Where's your long term plan with Sessions? C'mon! It's the LONG GAME right, npc?

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How fucking long does it take to arrest a pedophile, you faggot? Have you ever worked with grand juries? Because I have

Edit: where’s your notes on all the complaints about sessions? Did you keep up on those or not? How’d his “plan” work out

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Well holy fucking shit. Is there ANY law enforcement left that follows the law and constitution over the orders of the guy who signs their paycheck ?

Chop chop arrest some motherfuckers

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