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Op: “I meme, therefore I am.”

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That’s some creepy shit that probably isn’t far from the truth

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Why can’t they visit friends? They think they need to go back to school just to hang out? Can’t they call up friends and arrange hang outs at each other’s houses?

I used to have Halo 1 LAN parties at my parents house. Like 14 teenage boys piled into my little bedroom, smelling like BO and playing some halo. Get a LAN party going. A board game party. Something

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How do single parents homeschool? In the evenings when they are home. Is school just a free babysitter or something, is that how you think a single parent should view it? Have the kids stay with family, or find a cheap babysitter while at work. Come home, homeschool a bit. It does not have to be hours upon hours of schooling. It’s at your own pace. The kids will still learn more and be better off than public school.

Should parents drop the second income? Personally I’d say absolutely. Having the mother at home all day raising the kids helps build them into virtuous, well mannered, respectful adults. The mother at home just in general will be happier and more able to be the glue the ties the family together. And yeah, dropping the second income is a big sacrifice. We made the sacrifice and we struggle with money. Family and country are more important than our house size and buying potential.

But besides that, it’s possible for the family to keep the second income and still homeschool. You don’t have to copy the public school model. Just teach the kids for an hour in the evening, maybe two. And don’t give them the summer “off.” They’ll learn plenty.

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Helps when half the country can’t even stand up to unenforceable mask laws

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As long as you’re not one of the boomers buying up the entire world’s supply of .22lr because you think this is the apocalypse or that it’ll be some kind of retirement.

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God bless. May the Lord watch over your family and grant you peace and joy.

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How can someone stomach the view. What a fucking nightmare show. I think if I ever fucked up enough to burn in hell part of my eternal torture would be watching the view

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Wait you can’t just drive over my moped that I’m using to illegally detaining you!!😭😭😭

Haha truck go vroom vroom 😁🤣

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I stopped listening in March/April ish when it was clear that he forced Matt Walsh to edit his opinion that the wuflu numbers weren’t consistent and needed some skepticism. Matt retracted and had to start saying “it’s real and dangerous guyz...”

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