Desertwhale 5 points ago

Remember Olive Oil from Popeye? Reminds me of that.

Desertwhale 6 points ago

Reminds me of that Impractical Jokers bit where Brian "Q" Quinn had a dating profile, and listed one of his best qualities was that his "Breath smelled like fingers."

Desertwhale 6 points ago

Is he really Joe Biden, or is he actually 'JEB!' dressed in Pedo Joe's skin suit?

Desertwhale 11 points ago

and the tire tread award goes to........

Desertwhale 3 points ago

Na it only appears that way because news and social media only focus on the loud ones. Silent majority rules.

Desertwhale 17 points ago

However, a spoiler is something everyone doesn't already know. We all know this :)

Desertwhale 1 point ago

Fuck them in their goat asses.

Desertwhale 4 points ago

Sorry for your loss. I was playing outside in the sprinkler today with my 10 year old dachshund. He gets plenty of love!

Desertwhale 2 points ago

Michael Obama doesn't wear a mask on his penis.

Desertwhale 5 points ago

Anyone remember how much faster than light speed our train was years ago? I don't recall the number, but it was impressive!

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