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And you'll never hear the neo-Marxist terrorists mention things like Thomas Jefferson's 1807 Act Prohibiting Importation of Slaves, this coming in only 24 years after the country had gained its revolutionary independence.

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When encountering someone who claims this, ask them which countries they feel were and are great.

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I don't know why anyone still calls them journalists or reporters anymore. The veil has been completely lifted from these frauds and propagandists. There is literally nothing about them that deals with journalism.

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No doubt or argument about that. If we don't use that time to accomplish something substantial beyond just voting Trump into place, we may not get another chance.

Dereliction 9 points ago

Voting on its own is not enough. We must start pushing back and re-taking ground in other areas too.

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so for pao to say 'we all knew' doesn't prove she had intimate knowledge.

No one but you is claiming this. No one is making connections between Pao and Ghislane over this. No one is claiming she had secret knowledge. None of that is in question or the issue.

In fact, you seem incapable of recognizing why this is receiving criticism, given your repeated (repeated) defense of Pao and her tweet.

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Do you commonly go to parties with "suspected" child sex traffickers and just /shrug and say, "What's the big deal?"

Dereliction 5 points ago

Imagine what it took to form the neuronal connections to gaze at that picture and conclude "literally terrorism."

Dereliction 10 points ago

Twitter is a giant bigot-bubble of neo-Marxist idiots, is why.

Dereliction 17 points ago

"The best thing I could tell you is, listen man, get the fuck outta New York City."

Bank on those words.

Dereliction 18 points ago

Alright, let me try ... let me try!

In 1863, after many personhours of contemplation and work, Abraham Lincoln freed all the replicas with the non-Replication Proclamation. This order did not affect leaders in the Northern states, however, and those folks retained Legacy status to their replicas as replicavery was not denylisted until 1865 for all states.

Dereliction 11 points ago

Why does Mayor Durkan hate democracy so much?!!?

Dereliction 34 points ago

But seriously aint nothing waiting for them in Africa

Sounds like Communism.

Dereliction 2 points ago

We make fun, but .........

Dereliction 13 points ago

You're totally wrong. It really was legit African culture clothing. Slave trader African clothing.

Dereliction 6 points ago

And they did it in a jeep they stole from some well known furries.

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