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Are you saying that Trump is manufacturing this situation, too? Because he clearly seems to agree that the math suggests a potentially dire scenario without these measures.

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The people seeming scared right now are the ones bucking against Trump's plan and want to re-open everything today. Relax. A few more weeks of caution isn't going to doom us.

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Trump has already taken steps to ensure that we have a 3 to 4 month buffer, if we need that long. The people of the country--and the economic demand they have--are wound like a spring. The economy will rebound FAST when Trump gives the okay for people to get back to normal.

Stop panicking like we're all doomed if we don't break from Trump's plan before it's played out. Some of you are worse than the fear-mongering Press Core.

Relax. It's going to be okay, centipedes.

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While it's good to be hopeful, no one really knows if the WuFlu will experience seasonality like the flu.

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She's just the figurehead for a whole mass of people holding the country back.

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“This is absolutely grim. ID badges are being stolen in a few places as staff come out of their trust. As soon as staff are coming off-site they are waiting for them and stealing them, to get the free food and also so they can go shopping during the protected early morning shopping hour that some supermarkets have put in place for NHS staff.

“It’s mainly nurses who have been targeted. They’re the ones who often walk out of the main entrance of a hospital with their lanyards on,” an NHS official had said.

Criminals had also attacked ambulances in Kent, drilling holes into the tires of six vehicles. While in Bristol, “youths” had set two Iceland supermarket delivery vans on fire.

“Two of our vans in Southmead were burnt out last night during disturbances in the town. At a time when home delivery is literally a lifeline for some vulnerable people, this is sickening,” the budget supermarket’s CEO had said.

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Upvoting your comment so I know that I've read it.

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Don't bother. This is what he literally sees every day.

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130 million doses can treat 18.5 million, or 5% of the US population. And companies are ramping up production. I think it was Novartis or Apotax that aimed at doubling production as soon as they could access the needed raw material.

We're doing amazing without Trump having to lean on the DPA like you and, it has to be said, many on the Left keep calling for.

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New Yorkers sure are lucky to have Cuomo looking out for them. Just imagine how great he'd work for all of us as President. Amirite?

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Misrepresenting how deaths are spread across the flattened curve isn't an opinion.

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IS THIS FUCKING TRRRUE!? Holy shit, if so. That's next level conspiracy shit right there.

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