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Texans everywhere, time to fly your “Come and Take It” flags high!

DeplorableLA 5 points ago

It was an amicable breakup. Mostly. The current day Queen likely has her hands full doing damage control of Randy Andy.

DeplorableLA 2 points ago

Not too keen on M-80s in the middle of the night but otherwise fireworks are OK with me and my pets.

And nextdoor? I had to get off the site when one of the neighbors started reporting what others were buying at Costco (6 packaged of hamburgers, why do you need so many?) and the “white guilt” confessors. Yep, the hamburger “hoarder” was an elderly neighbor buying for several households during the special hours for seniors, I did the same for my neighbors who were low on paper products. MYOB, people.

Hope the party is going where you are—we have a country to celebrate!

DeplorableLA 3 points ago

Donald J Trump, Dr. Ben Carson, Shelby Steele, Victor Davis Hanson, Sidney Powell

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