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WTF this should be stickied for a week.

It's like pantifa and the Rats watched this as a training video.

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That's exactly what GEOTUS should say if a propagandist asked him if he would put a black woman on court.

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Do the fucking debate Biden.

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I wonder what would happen if that bear appeared on a college campus?

Like OMG everybody, come over here and help me take this sticker off this poor bear! He won't hurt you, this is a no-racism zone!

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How far we've fallen when redpilling someone means that we've convinced them to adopt common sense.

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Taking a shit on the sidewalk: FINE. Naked bum jerking off next to children: FINE Handwritten messages in windows that you have to stop in order to read them: BLASPHEMY!

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RIP Diabeetuz.

The medical staff will honor you by listing your death as coronavirus.

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Don't like this story at all. He represented HIMSELF and got 20 years for a 3 month long crime spree, not threatening GEOTUS. If you took out all the other crimes, I bet his death threats only amounted to 6 months in prison. If he actually had a lawyer, that lawyer would've just said "ORANGE MAN BAD" a thousand times during the trial and he would be let off scott free.

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Unreal. This POS is charged with ARSON, not a TERRORIST ACT.

If he didn't have violent, bigoted far left extremist privilege, he'd be facing life instead of a couple years in pen.


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The world's most punchable faces reclaiming their time.

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Bad move.

They should have waited until the convention started, then walked off.

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The only thing I strongly disagree about this is the face. She looks happy.

Antifettes are always snarling angry with their faces contorted in rage.

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Shouldn't it be "Kamala Harris VIP Only"?

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