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The FBI was called in to go after the people who discovered the problem.

The only reason the FBI exists is to show up at the behest of the Rats and persecute the victims.

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If they take the llist off:


If they take the files off, should've been faster.

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This is not just about ruining your holiday, it's about ruining your lifestyle.

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The media will never stop, until they are leveled.

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By Any Means Necessary, just like the Rats love to say.

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They have simply become as ugly on the outside as they are on the inside, like all evil.

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Oh it's on. My life will be dedicated to destroying the Rat party, exterminating it. This is a Cold Civil War.

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Variation: May ONE MARINE AND HIS RIFLE swiftly send him to Hell to suffer for all eternity for his crimes against men, their speech, guns, family, property, reputation, due process rights, and jury trial rights.

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Exactly - this is the same mistake Reagan made when he passed amnesty, with a promise from the Rats to build a wall. Of course that never happened. Seems like 90% of republicans were born yesterday. Idiots.

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yeah stop using the left's terms - the words they use are designed to be used by both the left and right to benefit THEM

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It's like a new evil superhero, "Blacktopus". A follow-up to such cult classics as "Blackenstein".

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