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Why would it be Uncle Joe? In q tel is Google's way of helping CIA control narrative.

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This is exactly the kind of behavior I would expect from a CIA grown CIA employed non native bundle of sticks with an agenda to push and a trap-wannabe for a wife.

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Like dating a vegan woke feminist vs a conservative soul who belongs to our Father God.

Belt of truth!

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I really want to see them all arrested. Pelosi having alcohol withdrawal in prison will be glorious and we know she doesn't have the wits about her to make hooch.

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Sympathy from other women and low t men who have logical processing disorders or cognitive dissonance.

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That's what they get when they put a bunch of "empowered wamen" who haven't had the proper historical context to understand HOW to govern other than by hating white men and trying to pass out free stuff to other minorities, but only if they aren't conservative or too white acting.

Let's draft all the SJW women and put them through what our uniformed vets have been through and I think all this "marginalized my perspective" "speak my truth" "yaaas queen slay" tranny taped weiner stuff will stop.

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They blocked every time I tried telling people about Google's In Q Tel program on TD. I don't think it was mods. I think admins were blanket wiping entire inconvenient topics that go against their narrative.

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Why does it feel like the CIA is full of and has an infatuation with trannies and connoisseurs of large quantities of Hotdogs to be flown in places?

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Oh look it's a likely female to male transsexual who doesn't understand how to properly run male.exe so she gets salty and takes her hormone imbalance and straw grown penis out on the world around herhim.

Like actually zoom into the face without looking at the male features like the hair. Looks like a chick.

Adams apple surgery exists. Spez looks like Gretchen from Recess.

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Bilderburg, Counsel on Foreign Relations, and Trilateral as well as the Rothschild's and the folks who control their money and the folks who are under those folks for layers and layers all are asshoe too.

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I think dod Anon may have also been real. The Clinton's didn't not want to get elected because they knew it'd be the end of their show. Once the veil is lifted, there's no going back.

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I predict the bulk of the Intel based astroturfing will take place during defined times like shifts for an employee. Likely during the day during the week during the 7-6 window, I'd presume a higher volume of astro and concern troll or malicious turfing the site.

There's this document I found in another former sub that outlines the 25ish major strategies these stooges have been using but I'm too scared to share it off the bat because I'm afraid I might get shadowbanned or spam filtered.

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I'm afraid that Reddit is likely going to pull a trolltrace and barf out everyone's info who was a conservative or anything right of Bill Clinton. That had me hesitating a bit but then I realized what's really at stake (country above all) and I still posted most of everything without too much fear.

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Agreed. She heralds the kind of cultural Marxism taught at places like Oberlin (read: Basically just Frankfurt Institute wannabes). She has that same frequency of whine and narcissism.

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Want to embed controversial and censored information that triggers liberals stenographically into images that are most heartfelt to their own causes so that if they censor our attempts, they also censor themselves?