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I find it so interesting that Democrats can watch all these videos of what the Chinese government are doing to their own people and still think we should only allow the government military and police to have guns.

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Imran Awan is Pakistani ISI, working with the CIA to spy on Congress and the Senate since the CIA can't legally do that. During the Iran-Contra scandal William Barr's job was to make it all go away. William Barr's father hired Jeffrey Epstein. What do you think he's going to do in this situation?

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We need to take the 4chan India, "poo in the loo" meme and change it to San Francisco.

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We both should have been cops (if you aren't already)! That's the first thought that went through my head as well.

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Do you want to bet that the possibility of nuking them wasn't discussed bye their leaders?

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Referring to Cofer Black as a top Romney advisor is a little bit like saying Satan was a serpent who offered Eve an apple in the Garden of Eden. Throughout all of his videos, besides these four videos below, George mentions Cofer Black's name probably several hundred times at least if not more.

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Hatred is an appropriate emotion in the face of danger from an enemy that wants to destroy you. I don't feel even remotely guilty about it, nor do I question it. both Nancy Pelosi and Mitt Romney are incredibly corrupt pieces of s***, who have tried desperately and will continue to try to impeach or destroy the greatest President. I think it would be extremely unwise to turn your back on either one of them.

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It's okay, the reporting system is only busted until the DNC gets the results they want.

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Shouldn't we all be in there helping them?

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Bear in mind the fact that the average North American IQ is 100. when you've been around here for a while, you begin to realize that the most informative political commentators have the least amount of followers.

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You think half the human population knows better? Man, I really wish I lived in your world! I was thinking more like half of 1%.

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Some people think that happened by accident, as though it were due to the fact that the politicians didn't care. It was all a part of a program of selling weapons to foreign countries in return for drugs, which in turn had to be sold to the American people.

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Rebel Media, Eza Levant is being grilled by top ranking RCMP because he wrote a book, critical of Justin Trudeau. Ezra is fighting hard all over the world with Tommy Robinson and others. Please like & subscribe. Just go from 20:11 to 22:01 for one of the greatest quotes of this era in which we find ourselves.

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