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cannot be ignored.

Idk. The MSM is pretty great at ignoring major stories

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Totally, just seeing a lot of the rank and file in the videos are black. It’s no secret that BLM hates this fucking country.

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Can’t help but notice that a high percentage of the the riggers are black..

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At this point, when I hear “debunked” I automatically believe it more.

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Let’s be real, hot chicks have life on easy mode. Ugly girls are right there with us men, for the most part. Ugly women still get a spot on a lifeboat tho.

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You have a few friends like this??? Lmao damn I’m sorry to hear that

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Literally been saying this shit since April.

“You’re crazy, where is the evidence that deaths from other illnesses dropped dramatically in 2020 as recorded COVID deaths surge”

It’s frustrating not being an absolute retard

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There is barely any “back the blue” here you faggot. Lefties actually think they understand us

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Excuse me, this can’t be right. CNN reporting news? That’s the real headline.

Only half kidding.

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I’m a financial analyst. When I find 2 wrongs out of a 100 samples I notify my superiors that their is something horribly wrong with our systems and must be addressed. I would be fired otherwise. We hire a whole team of technical temps if necessary.

If the government found this issue they would conduct a full and thorough audit, and they would drop the hammer if they found us negligent.

When it’s money being distributed inaccurately it’s an issue, when it’s votes for our civil liberties, they’re conspiracy theories.

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I’m in Hawaii right now on vacation. Amazing place, but this are has no business dictating what happens in the continental US.

Having said that, the people here are very friendly, almost like a red state.

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America First Party!

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Is the NFL still around?

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