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Biden's been stealing the words of others his entire life. Why not steal their accomplishments too? It's all fair game as far as Creepy Joe is concerned. He's never suffered any real consequences either, so in a way... he's right.

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Also parents are getting a very close look at the bullshit today's teachers are shoveling down students' throats. Many eyes have been opened.

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They have something fucked in their brains that makes them less tolerant of opposing ideas. Many studies about this phenomenon on the left. The personality trait is far less prevalent among conservatives.

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Your really close friends, if they are good people who ever valued your friendship, will come around eventually. Stay strong.

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She looks like she's on the verge of tears in her little Twitter video.

Good. I hope it hurt, bitch. You deserve much worse.

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I'm sure the REEEEEEEEEEs will be legendary, but I'm legit concerned about the rioting. You know they've had it planned out for months.

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USAF has been effectively operating the Space Force for decades. Look up US Space Command. Remember Reagan's "Star Wars" program? All Trump did was to create an independent branch of the Armed Forces for them.

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This times infinity. We've been busying ourselves playing the game by rules the left created while they play it by no rules at all. They've proven over and over that they're willing to lie, cheat, and steal to win this election "by any means necessary" -- and they'll do just that, while we fire off sternly worded letters and file limp-dick lawsuits pretending the law still holds sway over proud anarchists bent on nothing short of our total destruction.

This is war. It's high fucking time we start acting like it.

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It needs to be openly ignored, and the assholes who created it should be immediately fired and barred from ever holding public office. It's time to stop fucking around and hoping the legal system might eventually, maybe, undo a litany of unconstitutional bullshit that's been foisted on us over the last 7 months (years?) in the name of "public safety".

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Either way we win.

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Mental Illness is the uniform of the Left.

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