DanIsSwell [S] 2 points ago

Finally, someone figured out how I like my coffee.

DanIsSwell [S] 1 point ago

Exactly how we would have done this since the beginning, if we weren’t being run by clown world devils, who want us to be invaded!

DanIsSwell [S] 2 points ago

No, you’re mistaken. That’s Peyton Manning doing a retard impersonation.

DanIsSwell [S] 13 points ago

He’s probably like “why did my friend take this photo of me?” You mean the paid male prostitute, druggy friend? I’m sure his wife and kids wonder the same thing.

DanIsSwell [S] 7 points ago

This little twat had no access to adrenochrome, unless he gets it form torturing cats. Pedophile..probably any chance he gets.

DanIsSwell [S] 13 points ago

The sleaziest, dorkiest douchebag of all time. He’s been spewing vile hate since before TDS or crazy mentally ill liberalism was even a thing.

DanIsSwell [S] 6 points ago

He’s not my friend. He play joke, he go pee-pee in my coke.

DanIsSwell [S] 51 points ago

China is “guy on the couch” in half baked. Don’t pay attention to me, stay focused on that other stuff.

DanIsSwell [S] 1 point ago

I’m in Southern California, and I still don’t know of anyone who has it. I’m not worried. If I were old and in poor health, then I’d be just as worried as I would be about influenza.

DanIsSwell [S] 1 point ago

About some, I say “Hm. We don’t know if he did this or not” But with Joe, he 100% did this plenty of times.

DanIsSwell [S] 5 points ago

All the lefties suck the teet of Hollywood harder than anyone. It’s almost all they have in life.

DanIsSwell [S] 1 point ago *

They never care about dead caused by a myriad of other things.

DanIsSwell [S] 1 point ago

Right? Ever freeze milk and then thaw it out. Undrinkable.

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