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But could it be lupus?

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Butbutbut muh Star trek!!! Reeeeeee

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I've got a sickness and the only cure for it.... Is more gorilla channel

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I think in this situation it can work monetarily. We'll see a bunch of deflation naturally occur in the economy during this lockdown period. People will be less inclined to purchase too much (to excluded obviously 🙄) but mainly durable goods will show down immensely.

Printing a little bit can help offset that for a little while with some manufactured inflation and control prices some so that the recovery will happen a little faster once businesses open back up and people start to hire again.

I would take this time order and work on advancing or developing a hard skill to help yourself get back on your feet once this is all over.

Best of luck to you!

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And watch the virus be declared yourself over and beaten in July or August and then the economy will surge ahead like fucking crazy September and October.

Trump is already using words like victory and unity and even offering the news media an olive branch during this crisis.

He's planning meme seeds for late summer.

I for one trust him and am going to take this time and really enjoy my family and catching up on the honey do list.

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Yeah the guys who went and bought out all of the Clorox wipes and Lysol spray and are selling them for 4x the list price are or disgraceful. I mean you have every right to do it, but it doesn't mean your not a piece of shit for doing it. It's making things hard for daycares and nursing homes unable to attain the supplies they need.

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Listen you peons as a person who has never evaluated the president, I'm the expert on Trump's mental fitness.

I will do so by expertly comparing Biden to Trump and then after I've finished comparing all the dangers of trump I will close with saying, I don't even want to think about Biden.

Totally fair comparison - because remember, I'm an expert....

TDS at it's finest.

Why are most psychologists and psychiatrists who should be experts at recognizing mental illness always the ones most mentally ill and incapable of recognizing their errors?

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B-b-b-b-b-ut uhhhh you didn't build that friend. So g-g-g-g-ive it to us so we can give it to the real ummmmm people who we decide are needy so they will re-elect us.

  • the Democrats in the key of Barry
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"I leapt from the bushes and told them this was wrong.

And then every one started to clap"

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When asked what it was like to take a human life -

"I wouldn't know I've only killed Communists"

  • Rafał Gan-Ganowicz
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How much bandwidth would we need for this?

I'm looking at rack space and it's like 400 /mo if that's it - we got this.

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Is there a Jr. Edition with the epic beard of awesomeness which stretches over the next 8 years???