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Tonight has been bad - Hope this least brings a smile to all the peeps here :)

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Got into it with the Owner like 3 months ago when they had a MASSIVE influx of users over some crap that happened on twatter. The fucking guy wanted to implement FCC broadcast rules/restrictions as parler's guiding principles on speech. (I got images of the conversation backup on a drive somewhere)

EDIT: https://thedonald.win/p/GIEhSQ9I/be-careful-of-parler--their-comm/c/ My post from then

Let me repeat that - FCC broadcast TV rules - Meaning you cannot post the 7 dirt words videos by George Carlin. Swear words bad. I believe he backtracked on that rule change, and just went with federal speech laws, never checked again because it is bullshit.

HE wanted a nice little safe spot on the internet to circle jerk with the "right"

So just fair warning about that place, infact I think one of my submitted posts here was about that very issue

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thats the fucking problem... go look at his Wiki of his military "service" I thought it was some 24 y/o or something being fucking stupid with the boys, going to far partying .... No, this ASSHOLE was 43 and daddy got him a wavier to get in as an officer and he fucked that up

They were going to milk the goddamn navy contractors of money, I'll bet money on it

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I was messing around thinking his whole life has been a sloppy mess, now you got me thinking of the Adam Sandler song linked to Biden :D

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ya, if you dont set a code and allow the watch to show all notifications, you can see the messages as they come in

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That was/is going around, I am not sure we can get a solid view of his wrist for the type of watch. He did check it however

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My comment on this very specific question still stands. My mother in law asked me about "545 kids" argument she was having with an ex-coworker at 6:53 pm est

Then like MAGIC a very specific number of kids is asked about at the debate, Biden has a very specific canned and prepped answer, as if he knew it was coming

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I checked, You are correct. The issue of the 545 kids question still remains. I firmly beleive is was a planted story, meaning they ran it on purpose before the debate, then prepped sloppy Joe on how to answer since it would be asked

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Just checked it, you are correct. What was that they picked up. My comment on the 545 kids question still remains

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Yup, saw the same thing on review - both some type of pad. Thank you for pointing this out.

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My Tweet last night (don't follow, the account will self implode at some point, account 4 since may 26th)

Google Search: 545 kids at the border

This is the Article from 3 days ago now: https://www.npr.org/2020/10/21/926031426/parents-of-545-children-separated-at-u-s-mexico-border-still-cant-be-found

The rest of the media picked it up a day later, setting it up as "news"

Biden gets prepped, has an answer ready for it.

"Moderator" asks about the "545 kids", Biden has a prepped answer, either on that Ipad or memorized

backup copy of video: https://streamable.com/u18c24

game, set, match

(change my mind, lol)

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www. read the bottle .com

Great job OP :D

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He is WAY off prompter - I think last week was just making sure he was healthy and good

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I dont think it is 100% that, however, I have been waiting for one of CNN or MSNBC people to just lose it and go full 1776, rip off the mask and lay waste to their network. They know they are spewing bullshit day in and day out, one of them is going to snap, who lost all EFFs to give

bets were on Cooper, Blitzer, or Mika (she fell off after the last round of Trump bombs)

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epic leadership and balls of titanium

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Can't pump the saturation up to make him more OJ - that was off a decent camera

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FDA is slow, slow for real world reasons, too many scumbag scammers looking for fast money - HOWEVER I think they really need to speed up, right to try is a good step

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Trump being "fatigued" is Biden hopped up on PCP and Meth at the same time on a good day, during a full moon, lol

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