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Canadian pede here. My mom raised my two brothers and I on welfare. She didn't drink or smoke, she raised us okay but she is crazy. My younger brother is a journeyman linesman making over $100k/year, I'm doing well as a construction surveyor and our older bro is a doctor who I'm sure pays more in taxes every 1-2years than our mom ever collected in welfare. Sometimes welfare can work out okay.

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Is it just me? I can only read the yellow and red words. The rest is too blurry

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Also looking for source

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I tried to buy from the official site cause I really want an official hat. Sadly it wouldn't let me because I'm a Canadian 😥 Now I have 2 crappy hats from wish but the shirts are decent.

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What is a good deodorant alternative? I stopped buying red zone because P&G so I tried Dove, it doesn't work as well. HALP!

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It's like they turn down Terry Crews audio whenever lemonhead is talking

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Cause in our post history we don't say "nig-nogs"

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I thought poop knives were not at all for wiping?

I'm pretty sure they are for when you shit so big and it won't go down, you cut it in half.