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This folks is what a LEADER looks like in the flesh. When he speaks I am motivated to do whatever it takes for my country so that I can repay a small portion of what he does for us. Thank you President Trump. God Bless America. KAG2020

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We usually descend and rescind, depending upon the circumstance, to control any lumbar discomfort. Quantitative physics really helped us understand the difference there was between dragging the ground to hovering just above any surface when walking upright but for 73 years now, we’ve acted accordingly causing no ill effects. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it is our opinion. Thanks for the shout out!!

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This is accurate and not said enough. The sample sizes are so far off from being equal that the data is skewed. Anyways I’ll be back later, I’m going to lick handrails at the subway station.

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We try our best and appreciate you taking the time to notice! KAG

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Same. Dims be damned—this train ain’t stopping cause we got NO F’IN BRAKES!! Together we KAG.

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America is my home and MAGA is my M.O.

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I found T_D in the beginning of its existence by destiny. Lurked daily for all these years, never joined because of Reddit’s policies/doxxing/etc, but can say I’d feel really empty without being able to read real news and sane opinions like we were facing with the BS they’ve been pulling over there for forever now. I joined here to say Thank You to the creators and to stand with my fellow Patriots in the fight to Keep America Great.