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Basically there’s no threshold or burden of proof on being indefinitely confined in Wisconsin.

Braynard said that covid doesn’t count but I haven’t seen it ruled out and it’s the only explanation.

Indefinitely confined = dumb ass pussy who’s afraid of the China virus because they’re brainwashed sheep.

No way should you be able to claim being afraid of covid like that while still claiming to have enough brain cells to vote.

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I am 100% trying. Sent to Lin wood too.

I’m just an average citizen. If I can find this stuff and we can find this stuff, Trump has to have known.

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See the quote from Mark-Malloch Brown.

Crowing Achievement in Philippines was getting exit polls to show Cory winning.

Hmmm, sounds like Pre-Election Polls here.

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This is 100% the problem with the world today. No one is doing their own thinking and research.

Schools teach people WHAT to think. Not HOW to think. It should be the other way around.

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It’s not about promoting it.

Charles Shapiro is AWARE of it. Why is he not coming forward to say anything.

All of these people may be on our side and too afraid to speak out. Or they may be deep state. We do not know which it is.

It is our job to find out

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Hopefully to spur an investigation. Get these people to talk about what they know.

Expose them if they're evil. Protect them if they help us.

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That is the question for sure.

However, I believe that the existence of these official cables is enough to get a subpoena regarding what they know and do not know about Smartmatic.

Get these people under oath!

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Cuomo: "Yes, i'm hearing that cyber criminals are now inflitrating my twitter page, calling me a fucking loser and saying that my brother is a serial killer of the elderly. Reminder folks, if you do anything except blow CNN, it's illegal"

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