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Actually a bit before that with the end of the occupy movement. There’s a lovely /pol/ infographic out there somewhere showing the amount of failing New York Times articles on race skyrocketing around the time the powers that be were fracturing the occupy movement with identity politics.

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they’re now pretending “all” was never a part of it...like we don’t have pictures of the signs and tweets. Lol.

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Eugene Gu, one of the fags that makes a living giving our President nasty replies. He’s not really a doctor as he got kicked out of his residency for beating up a woman (his wife I think but I don’t remember exactly). The fact that it was his residency he got kicked out of makes it even worse since it’s pretty fucking hard to get kicked out from one of those, like there will be residents found passed out high on their own drugs and they’ll just get a slap on the wrist. He’s pathetic.

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It's marked NSFW, not sure what else y'all want.

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the video was part of the comments, some loser actually posted that song in one of the threads I drew from. So the video isn't supposed to play but it was too funny not to include the comment

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My personal favorite is the one asking why he (the President in this context, in a post about his tweet celebrating the victory) hasn't been assassinated yet. Guess it's cool for lefties to openly call for violence on Reddit though, seeing as they false flagged us off the site.

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It's a bit late but I needed time to let the salt ferment like fine shit. Also goes well with today's meltdown in Wisconsin from the governor getting BTFO'd - may need to make another one of these!

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Q is a LARP. Focus your energy on shit that actually matters.

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We looked into it but with the rousing success of the discord we decided that moving everyone would be counterintuitive. It’s as high energy as I’ve ever seen it!

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As if they think we can’t see their shitty attempts to “infiltrate” us. It’s an open website you fucking retards, not like we’re a secret club or some shit.

That being said, be vigilant in your reporting, pedes. We mods can’t do our jobs without you! We love you!

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Hey Nolan, good to have you on board! If you wanna contribute, donate to the Trump campaign. You can never have enough hats!

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Please donate to the Trump campaign instead!

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Please donate your money to the Trump campaign rather than us.

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