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Q is a LARP. Focus your energy on shit that actually matters.

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We looked into it but with the rousing success of the discord we decided that moving everyone would be counterintuitive. It’s as high energy as I’ve ever seen it!

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As if they think we can’t see their shitty attempts to “infiltrate” us. It’s an open website you fucking retards, not like we’re a secret club or some shit.

That being said, be vigilant in your reporting, pedes. We mods can’t do our jobs without you! We love you!

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Hey Nolan, good to have you on board! If you wanna contribute, donate to the Trump campaign. You can never have enough hats!

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Please donate to the Trump campaign instead!

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Please donate your money to the Trump campaign rather than us.

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And despite this, people want to elect Democrats and have an even bigger government. If clearing your fucking browser history is a felony, imagine what misgendering someone online will be.

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