Cup_O_Covfefe 2 points ago

Yeah, some of them have/had charges hanging over their heads for luring other minors to Epstein after they turned 18.

Doesn't matter if you were a victim when you were underaged. Its still a crime to coerce minors into sex slavery.

You speak real truth in that we have satanic pedophile problem, but we also have a solipsistic, money digging whore problem. You know some of them loved what they were doing, and not all of the pictures show someone scared or abused. You can see it in the eyes. They loved fucking famous men and being treated like princesses.

Cup_O_Covfefe 3 points ago

She forcibly penetrated the girl with toys and her fingers because, as a 14 year old virgin, she was bleeding too much and it was upsetting Epstein.

Can't believe I just typed that.

Cup_O_Covfefe 4 points ago

No, not even close.

They only sell unused ones because no one ever touches their peepees

Cup_O_Covfefe 15 points ago

/r/politics can't decide if the fireworks are going to burn down the forest or if they suck cause there's not more of them.

What faggots.

Cup_O_Covfefe 1 point ago

No kidding. But that's racist too. Racist to keep them here under our oppression but also racist to send them home...

Cup_O_Covfefe 18 points ago

Oh god, /r/Politics really is having a hysterical meltdown.


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