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So they burned down the house, with supposedly the trafficked children inside...

What kind of folks would want to tie-up loose ends like that?

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Fucking traitor bowing to domestic terrorists.

Listen fat, if you're not sure whether to love America or vote for me... Then you ain't black!

Biden, probably.

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Number one weapon against you, the people.

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By the people, for the people. YOUR involvement is crutial. Choose to be a winner. Show others how to win. And pray for this great nation, and our leader, Donald J Trump. God bless America!

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Yup. They modify the genome to no longer naturally reproduce, making farmers have to buy new seed every crop. They patent that genome.

Then, they undercut and flood the market to make it far more profitable, initially, to use their seed instead of others.

In many areas such as india, natural versions of crops have gone extinct, making the patented crop the only available option.

Thus, they own the 'wheat' or 'soy' or 'corn' in a region.

Other times the seed populates into other farmer's fields. Since they didn't obtain a license to use that patented life form, which just blew off a truck or whatever, they are in violation. Several farmers have lost their livelihoods over tactics like these.

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Life and DNA are indeed patentable. See Monsanto.

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Don Lemon's head just exploded

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Why did scores get truncated?

Can we make it a setting? For the majority of us folk with less than 1000 points per day it is fairly useless.

I been here since basically the beginning and haven't even cracked 10k total.

Before, could see interaction realtime. Now it is just a fairly useless number taking up space on my screen.


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