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Proboscis beat him to the punch. It's his friend, "microchip."

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Fake news! Trump is always right.

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Bro. You have so much for which to live! Don't throw your life away on that. Suicide hotline in sidebar.

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Apparently we can suddenly catch and deport illegal crossers within hours now, too.

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To think: our country is already the greatest it has ever been, by many measures. And we still got almost 5 more years, 4 of which will be with a super majority (get out and vote!). Just imagine how bright the future will be!

The best is yet to come!

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Listen, fat. You're a lying dog-faced pile of malarkey! NOBODY from a 'reputable' news source is claiming... The ugh..... Dammit, man! You know! The thing!!! When I was president during sandy hook, corn pop..... *wanders off stage*

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Mask is only effective in a slight way if you use fresh clean gloves to put it on and take it off. Otherwise you are just adding extra touch to your face. It is getting too warm for airbourne, really.

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invented more computing power than apollo 11

Yeah but the apple 2 came out over 30 years ago.

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And then you wonder how many times the footage isn't used twice so can't be identified.

Why would they run this footage? Doesn't the "news" promote truth? Or do they have a desired narrative, whatever visuals can be narrated.

Without hard-working citizen journalists, we wouldn't even know about this one time.

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Taking cucks' money is a part of my identity. Give me your wallet, bigot.

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