Cuckaramella [S] 4 points ago (edited)

A lotta folks who leave behind wealth bootstrapped their businesses after fleeing countries where stuff like food, housing, and not being raped or murdered were luxuries.

They did it with hard work, determination, and often with little more than the clothes on their back.

This pussy communist wouldn’t know anything about it and thinks the wealth these folks left behind grew on some sort of money tree.

Fuck you, Robert Reich. If my grandparents left me a little dough, how do u think they got it, you D-nozzle-sucking piece of shit? Did someone just hand it to them?

Of course not, cocksucker. The grinded it out in the fucking streets to give their offspring a better life. But you wouldn’t fucking understand that, because all you’ll have to leave your kids will be some soy-stained, white-collared shirts and a high mileage, liberal limousine.

Put your word vomit back in your mouth and choke on it along with whatever else it is u suck on, fuckwit.

Cuckaramella [S] 9 points ago

That’s a yes from me