Cuck-WTF [S] 1 point ago

I should have put /s

America votes Trump.

Cuck-WTF [S] 3 points ago

Don't forget they got Trump elected comrade

Cuck-WTF [S] 1 point ago

Honestly, I'm glad to have it but I've owned it for three days and haven't had a chance to fire it yet. Soon though.

Cuck-WTF [S] 9 points ago

Local talk radio asked what I feel 'safe' doing when the restrictions are lifted...

My response would be that I feel safe doing everything I'm doing now. In fact, I would feel safe barebacking prostitutes and snorting cocaine if I wanted to because this is America.

Although I wouldn't do the cocaine. That's bad for your health.

Cuck-WTF [S] 3 points ago

God damnit Trump.

Repeal Obama's Smith Mundt Modernization Act and PROSECUTE THESE MEDIA OUTLETS

Cuck-WTF [S] 13 points ago

Too many of my friends are worshipping the fear.

So happy the state is keeping them locked down.

Cuck-WTF [S] 207 points ago

I mean if they mail it to me I'm going to use it.

If it comes to a vote I have a part in I'm going to vote against it.

Cuck-WTF [S] 4 points ago

I would say King Dindu, but more like...

Former President Dindu.... Quickly becoming

Ex-President Dindu.

Cuck-WTF [S] 4 points ago

Obama's Smith Mundt Modernization Act. That's why they get away with it all.

Cuck-WTF [S] 6 points ago

America could use a little more of the old west.

Cuck-WTF [S] 2 points ago

I expect them to finally "yield" to some treatment drug, but claim it has to be injected (like a penicillin shot)

And the injection won't be the drug it'll be Bill Gates' mark of the beast

Cuck-WTF [S] 55 points ago

Man. He's starting her down like Hawaiians stare at spam.

Cuck-WTF [S] 47 points ago

I would like to guess that at least 80% of gun owning Americans have this same conviction when it comes to drones policing the people.

Shoot them down.

Cuck-WTF [S] 7 points ago

She's a Democrat, therefore the legal system doesn't apply to her.

Only us 'little people'

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