Crimson_Identity 6 points ago

Trump looked like he may shed a tear too.

It is SO clear that he loves this country, and we all love him!

Crimson_Identity 2 points ago

Yea but it's not their "personal property" so it shouldn't matter, right? 😉

Crimson_Identity 3 points ago

Shit, I'm going on 5 hours today I was able to trigger so many leftists.

You may have just saved my life!

Crimson_Identity 5 points ago

Boise is pretty blue, for Idaho. Lots of California transplants.

Crimson_Identity 2 points ago

Fuck this piece of shit. I hate him with every fiber of my being. Crapo and Risch too!

Little approved more migrants for Boise and Twin, and Risch and Crapo were asking for more migrants when this country had 15% unemployment.

I HATE them.

Crimson_Identity 2 points ago

We need more red voters or we're not going to stay red for long. Our population is already so small that it won't take many Californians to turn us blue.

Crimson_Identity 9 points ago

Utah will be lost very soon.

Sincerely, an Idahoan.

Crimson_Identity 18 points ago

My reps won't even talk to me anymore. They learned my name during the covid lockdown and now I just get canned responses to my voicemails. The assistants who answer the phone just send me to voicemail now.

Never had any effect to begin with, sure as fuck won't now.

I have no representation in government, besides Trump.

Crimson_Identity 26 points ago

Sorry I didn't get back to you in time to get you sources for that. I can't remember clearly but it was a mod post from a couple of weeks back that said it.

I think it is fantastic that you updated your comment to reflect the new information. Much appreciated!

Crimson_Identity 84 points ago

Mods have said they never used a single bit of code from reddit, fwiw

Crimson_Identity 20 points ago

Is that their new technology that we have never seen before?

Crimson_Identity 4 points ago

Social media is social media is social media.

It is inevitable that the company will grow, change their rules, and probably, eventually become twitter 2.0.

Thomas Jefferson believed the same about governments, that they will grow and grow into a behemoth, and must be torn down at some point to start anew.

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