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I’m in San Diego. $1425 for a 500 ft2 studio and $1250 for child support. Unless I make $150,000 I’m going to live like a college kid the rest of my life.

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Sources familiar with the Chinese military’s thinking says they do not have stress cards

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I’m getting final paperwork in the mail tomorrow but that’s what they said on the phone.

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I work in IT but I don’t trust a vaccine they rushed through.

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Oh I’m a no one. My first match a few weeks ago I was “Andre the giant... piece of shit” and wore a poop emoji costume. It wasn’t my idea, the promoter thinks it’s hilarious (ok, I do too.)

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I just bought the domain to sell online. I’m looking at different manufacturers now. I’m starting with 1 style (the style that I actually wear) and putting my logo on it. All black, oversized squarish looking.

Gonna buy a couple hundred pairs then sell them on the boardwalk (I live by the beach). Once I sell those, I’ll start selling aviators and other styles. There’s a ton of local beach shops I want to sell to directly.

It’s funny, because I live right across the street from Blenders Ave I’m pretty sure that’s what they did.

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Right, I have no symptoms.

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I will check it out. Thank you.

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I’m also a standup comedian, pro wrestler and have a social media management/IT consulting company.

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