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Well, in full disclosure we're in the woods and do have coyote and hog problems too, so I carry a handgun when walking the dog or out and about fishing or whatever.

Hogs can get on you quick, and they are meaner than most people know. Coyotes/dogs are kinda skittish, make noises... hogs sometimes just appear, and they're always angry seems like.

This is one reason why God made handguns.


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KEK! Yeah, I don't care either but Imma comment because Muh Freedom. Well and for Posterity, that guy needs it bad.

She went to the trouble of informing the guy, as she tried to dial/Reeeee/hold dog/order him to stop filming her... that when she called the cops she was gonna tell them an african American man was after her. He already knew his racial status, so her motivation was proven by her own stupid Karenesque rantings coupled with the insane act of actually getting DialAPrayer on the line and trying to then schreech at them, too.

Yeah, include accurate descriptions when asked, but why try to intimidate the guy into ceasing his filming of her by threatening him with his own racial status...? KarenLogic 101. Or klantifa level shiite, never-brainers.


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In theory I agree with you, accurate descriptions work better.

But her meaning was plain, she was not at all interested in describing him she was indicting, trying, and sentencing; all she wanted the cops for was execution of sentence really.

But yeah, you're correct with the theory, reality always adds vacuum however.


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Yes you can, you'll just be celibate for a while afterwards....


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We are under attack, DDOS attacks, the Enemy has no option other than to try and silence us.

They cannot message effectively, their Biden and fake news media are all useless to them, have been nullified. Their courts are now neutered, their propaganda machines just spitting white noise, so all they can do is try to attack us.

Even their chinese flu isn't working, they can feel control slipping away so they lash out.


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The idiot allegedly female Karen told the guy she was going to tell the cops that an 'african American' was threatening her and her dog. She chose to make it a racial thing right there. She coulda said... a guy in jeans with red sneakers carrying binoculars and dog treats.... or... a tall fella with a blue shirt... no, she said an 'african American', and her attitude/context made it plain she was not talking about Elon Musk, she was trying to identify a black man.

ALMOST as if the fact of his skin color automatically justified her fears and hostility, her false assertions of him threatening her.

In other tweets or social media the guy also admitted he is racis, claiming that the Auberry thug was on his mind and so he imagined this allegedly female white person was gonna hurt him or something.

People are nuts, numb plucking phuts.

She probably didn't deserve to be fired, it was a giant nothing burger, just like Peach Mints or Mueller.

Both of them are idiots for my nickel.


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I had to reboot and now I don't get 'verified' every time I wander around. Still am getting 'access denied' on some links tho, anti-virus and malwarebytes says Imma good but sum ting wong.

DS has to attack, it is all they have, Biden is a loser, fake news media is a loser, they cannot message effectively so, attack.

Something did change my search engine settings, just saw it set me to 'Netherlands', was being told my european azz could not access. Hmmm.


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We cull the cats often, sometimes daily. Don't have to do that with dogs, there are even dumbazzes who feed the damn feral cats, I've watched as people put out food and dozens of cats respond.

I don't understand how people can acquire a cat then not fix it, then not care for it, just turn it out and let it roam. And those crazy people who collect cats, sometimes by the dozens and more, are mentally ill, always and no exceptions.


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That could be any of us, damn.

Pray for Humanity, People, we need Help.


The devil in my link walks free but cops murder folks in our streets. Damn.

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Thanks, I'm still getting the access denied to europeans thingy, malwarebytes says Imma good...Hmmm.

Other links work, I'll look around in here.

Thanks, maybe I have the chinese flu in here...


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Ah, thank you, did not realize the link was in error. You are truly a savior, huh. KEK, I keel me sometimes.


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From the sparse evidences demonstrated I consider both of those humans to be idiots. The alleged female person is for sure a Karen, probably dangerous as she insists race is an issue.

The dude carries dog treats...why? First he wants the dog leashed but then decides he wants the dog to come to him... why? Weird, not normal and customary.

In a description he gives on Twit or whatever he claims he is skeered because Ahmaud Arbery, who we now know was a thug out thugging, was rightfully shot. He claims that is racism, and being black, allegedly black, he ain't playing no white person games. Well dayum, he is at least as warped as the idiot Karen.

Two losers and a dog. No winners, just losers, and the poor animal has to go back to the shelter. Dayum, People are weird ain't they.


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Yeah, can't do vids, any idea what the traitor Snowden is trying to push now?


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We're overrun with feral cats down here, and they do real damages. They ruined a convertible top on my jeep years ago, ripped it up with their claws, once a rip starts it grows, I didn't see it before it was too late. They kill birds and do lots of other damages, too.

We have leash laws here, all domestic animals are supposed to be leashed when off your property, cats and dogs both.

My point is we either follow Law or we don't, really. If people are going to claim their cats are domesticated they have to be leashed, if they are not domesticated then they must have an 'exotic animal' permit and be contained at all times in cages or habitats, same as with a monkey or elephant, cow or horse.

Jes sayin.

After Hurricane Harvey we rescued a Lab mix who wandered along, she was abandoned when her last human fled the flooding without her. She was a mess, wormy and ragged, we didn't think she'd make it but she did. I do consider her to be 'like' a Service animal, we were stressing rebuilding after the storm flooded our business but taking care of her lifted our spirits, she saved us in some ways.

And she is leashed when we leave the property, we do not want to lose her, she has therapeutic skillz. KEK!


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' Our European visitors are important to us.

This site is currently unavailable to visitors from the European Economic Area while we work to ensure your data is protected in accordance with applicable EU laws.'

That's what your link gives me.


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It has always been 4 boxes; soap, ballot, jury and ammo.

We may not make it until the election before we must grab that ammo box, be sure yours is not empty.


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Not 'brilliant', Pavlovian. They've been doing it for decades, LBJ put words to the unwritten script when he mentioned he'd 'have those (minorities) voting democrat for 200 years'. Conditioning people to follow the herd, then all you need is a bell-cow to nudge them this way and that.

Welfare slaves, union slaves, greedy Boss Hogg slaves-with-management-duties, even down to obama-fone slaves.

Yeah, the scheme is real, but I'd not describe it as brilliant.


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Dude carries 'dog treats' to bait other people's dogs, only freaks do such things. Tainted treats maybe? First the guy insists the dog be leashed but then wants to entice the dog to come to him....why?

The alleged female is definitely a Karen, maybe a dangerous one as she insisted race mattered... but the dude is not healthy either, the dog may be the only sane one involved.

While we're here, why is it that people insist a dog must be leashed but say nothing about millions and millions of unleashed cats roaming loose?


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Yes she does, honest, intelligent and moral. Maria has been persistently gnawing away on DS matters longer than most except a very few, not been distracted or slandered away, not been intimidated or bought.

God Bless her.


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Grant was a poor student at West Point, bottom of his class, didn't exhibit any discipline or leadership ability, wasn't known to be intellectual. He was a drunk, no great appreciation of tactics or strategy really, was willing to sacrifice men rather than utilize them wisely.

He owed any success he enjoyed to the facts he had superior numbers, logistics and technology.... not any true generalship abilities.

For my nickel anyhow.

And that hollywood hero is a cuck, so from top to bottom that whole deal is shiite.


That's better history.

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Britain is probably conquered already, that false call to prayer is the islamic chant of dominion over their lands.

We are allowing that in America too tho, a few places permit it. That must cease if we are to be a Free nation. Of course, at the moment we are not a Free nation so maybe it doesn't really matter much.

Face masks/burkas, all same/same.

We must open America back up People, we cannot sit and wait on government to do it. We are losing Freedom by the day here, small businesses are dying, larger enterprises, such as Hertz, are dying, food production is crippled, other vital infrastructures being crippled...

In a few months we won't have an America any longer, we have to act. Go to work, refuse to allow the fear of chinese flu to control you, refuse the tyrannies of despotic governors and judges.

Britain is doomed, we don't have to be tho.


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