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Um, this isn't true. I was never demodded, but I did take off with the other mods to TheDonald.win!

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He needs to contact a local VSO (Veterans Service Officer). The local American Legion or VFW is his best place to start.

The 14 days from the White House is UP to 14 days, not necessarily in 14 days, and it isn't them calling back. They get in touch with the local resources and then they call back to assist.

He can always call the local news paper or TV news, but having been arrested I'd say his chances of getting coverage are pretty low.

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This is a violation of the 24th Amendment.

This is an awful idea that will 100% be used against you whenever your enemies get the chance.

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Some of us are doing things differently only because Trump asked us to.

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I’ve been put into quarantine. It is annoying but not that big of a deal. Judges shouldn’t be ordering this shit but people should just stay out the 2 weeks if they are sick.

Douches wrong if they leave the house. Judges much worse.

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Wrong. Soldiers & sailors do not have a right to release sensitive information to anyone outside of their CoC, and even then a readiness report would be need to know only.

Military personnel forfeit a lot of their rights when they serve. They know that even if you do not.

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He has said this over and over again if people would have just listened from the start. Models are only as good as the assumptions and data fed into them.

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I’m leaving this up so you can see how many wonderful pedes are here and happy.

Enough with the concern trolling though. Very low energy. Not MAGA at all.

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Cause I listened to the question, and heard his answer without adding my own bullshit to it because I'm not CNN.

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The question wasn't about staying at home at all. The reporter very clearly was asking about non-essential activities. To think that Dr. Fauci repsonded to anything else it to make your own unfounded assumption.

Social distancing was in place well before the stay at home orders. It was in place before the don't go to work for non-essential businesses orders as well.

Do not ascribe to non-politicians political answers. The man is answering the question he was asked and nothing more.

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Read the actual tweet thread.

Holy shit are these people dumb as fuck. Everything is always either/or for them It is absolutely impossible for them to contemplate a man could be prepped to defend his family and absolutely anything else.

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Walsh and Tucker aren't being completely honest here.

This is the question that was asked before Dr. Fauci said this: https://youtu.be/tZNcnP31Rug?t=3792.

Reporter: Question for Dr. Fauci, uh, looking beyond where we are on the other side of this curve, are we looking at living with some sort of social distancing guidelines essentially until there is treatment or a vaccine. For example, people looking forward to summer talk about, you know, going to baseball games, going to concerts, we have political conventions over the summer. Are things like that possible or safe without a vaccine or a treatment in place?

The question wasn't about the economy, or going back to work, it was about social distancing and nothing more. We started all of that prior to people being told to stop going to work. Just b/c Fauci isn't an astute political operative and doesn't know how these gotcha questions will be turned on him it does not mean he's some sort of evil deepstate actor.

Always check your sources.

And Matt Walsh has always been trash.

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These states were jacking up their local taxes for decades so they could redirect funds other states were sending to the Federal government. It was a loophole that allowed for severe abuse of the Income Tax system and encouraged NY, NJ, Cali, and even Texas (for property taxes) to jack their taxes up to unnecessary levels to the detriment of everyone else.

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I think we will decide that. Enough trying to moderate other users.

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Nice heads up pede. Come and get your MAGA and KAG gear folks!

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It is hilarious that you would compare literally anyone alive today to either of those historic figures,

Massie isn’t going to build a church upon his teachings to last a week, much less thousands of years, nor will he restructure the ways we look at ourselves and the universe around us. He’s going to get a few news articles and nothing more.

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Voice votes are extremely common when the vote is going to be 400 or so to 35ish. Which is what this will be. He is grandstanding and nothing else. He was a nobody yesterday and is newsworthy today. That's all this is about.

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He's delaying it another day. They aren't just going to vote, but now they are going to do all this other procedural crap as well. Also, he just cost us $200,000 to fly everyone back in so he could get in the news.

Also, he's going against his President and party leader. That alone makes him a RINO cuck as bad as Romney.

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