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Yes, thank you! Typo (but, correct grammar, yeah?)

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"We are not telling people not to turn out. But the most important thing is to get this right." - Steve Bannon. Sounds like what Lin Wood said. Get it right!

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Can't tell right from wrong?

Then why did she palm it? She knows what she is doing.

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Now they want you to carry your vax card with you in your wallet.

"Papers, please."

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Wood did not tell Republicans not to show up. He said that they will not vote using Dominion voting machines again. Did you listen to his speech?

Hopefully, his comments will send a message to those in power . . . Kemp can redeem himself by calling a special session of the legislature, and doing away with Dominion voting machines. If that does not happen, Trump can enact marshal law, and use the Army to conduct fair elections. We did it in Iraq, why not Georgia? We need the senate, but more importantly, we need fair elections. We do not have that at this moment. I wouldn't vote on a Dominion machine. Would you?

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From what I remember, his point was that he did not trust those machines. He does not want to vote on them again. Can you blame him?

And I am in Washington state. It's beautiful, but the Seattle democrats have ruined the place.

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The only people worse than hypocrites, are hyporcrites who use bad grammar.

Spez: fixed typo. Thanks u/icanhaszaspergers

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I'm from Washington, not Georgia. But I share Linn Wood's anger and frustration, and would not want to vote if I lived there, until there was a different, trustworthy system. If the Army can enforce fair elections in Iraq, why not Georgia?

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We know Congress spent $17 million of our tax dollars paying off the victims of their sexual harrasment and assault. But we do not know any details. I bet China does.

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People have no confidence in Dominion voting machines. I don't blame them. If you want people to vote, you have to get rid of those machines. Trump could do it tomorrow with marshal law. Drastic, I know, but entirely possible.

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I'll take Clarence Thomas over Laurence Fishburne any day.

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Don't let the facts get in the way of a good story.

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