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Technically he is correct if he doesn't include Zinc in the study since the agent affecting the virus is Zinc (HCQ is just the zinc transporter.)

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Your argument is like saying

Xyz bakery should never be forced by law to bake xyz cake.

Phone company

Twitter isn't a monopoly, Twitter is pages of code.

censor calls

If you don't want to be censored, move to a Mastodon platform like Gab did when they were censored,

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He said:

“Hey don’t get it mixed up, Trump is not racist if your black or brown vote for this country! This is moment God bless and God bless America and all the soldiers who fight for this country. God bless America and to President Trump. Be strong baby! I love America!

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Hannity, Levin and Peter Schweizer have been saying it's time for "never Trumper" Turtle Head to go for years and years now.

He's been in D.C. since the 1960's and has never had a real job just like Biden.

(Anyone can approve Judges)

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I sneezed in a store last week. Everyone turned and stared at me like I had just dropped a Ming Dynasty vase.

Then I top-toed to checkout like Mr Bean.

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