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So there's been a massive media psy-op to instill doubt about the real results?

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lol this made me chuckle. Commercial stuff can be expensive but homemade beard oil can be cheap! I've been working on the same bottle of castor oil for nearly 6 months. A little goes a long way especially mixed with coconut oil.

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TBH ive been thinking all along that covid is a bio-weapons shock test. We're better prepared now in terms of psychology and supply chain.

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Same dude. I whip out my phone during my morning dump and immediately check TD. And here I am each night.

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Wallace sucks and is clearly biased, but Trump isn't landing any punches. He's sitting on this Hunter stuff too much. Smh

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What was the process for getting your conceal carry? How long did it take?

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the Old Testament is pretty much all about jews who don't follow God's laws and degrade their nation

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I've heard she's not very 2A friendly? Can anyone provide details?

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She's about as anti-commie as they come from what I understand. What are her positions on abortion and 2A?

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She wishes she was Press Sec. Face panties doesn't hold a candle to KMac

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