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Now. Start with yourself.

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Another liberal Democrat demonstrates their "tolerance"

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Yes it's all speculation. Nevermind the FBI car that was broken into with the locks untampered with 2 blocks from where Seth Rich was robbed but didn't have anything stolen. Nevermind Seth Rich being in stable condition and dying shortly after a visit from Donna Brazile. Nevermind Julian Assange himself saying it wasn't the Russian's but an insider within the DNC who gave the leaks. Nevermind the data transfer rate being consistent with upload on a physical platform such as a USB drive. All overwhelmingly points to Seth Rich being the source of the DNC leak. Yeah, fuck all that, use your brain! Kek

Edit: by the way, I said in the last comment what he blew the whistle on. You need to start using your brain and comprehending some shit ok? You should be smarter ok guy? You need to develop critical thinking skills ok guy? KEK

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And where was your "substance"? Saying Seth Rich was a political enemy? You mean the guy that got killed for blowing the whistle on the DNC fuckery? Even if it was for exposing how the DNC fucked over Commie Sanders, still a bold thing to do. That's not "substance", you're just flapping your gums and pretending like it matters. Also pretending other people are having tantrums over your silly horseshit. Lol, you wish you had that much power over my emotions you mental midget. 😂

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Yes, insult the people who make America's food. Brilliant, there's all that grey matter at work 👌

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Hah, called that shit. Flipped sooner than I thought it would, kek

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Oh wow, top fucking kek!

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Ischemia. Even his heart doesn't want to work apparently.

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