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In short, DDOS is flooding a server with requests from multiple points of origin in hopes of rendering it inaccessible.

DDOS : Distributed denial of service as opposed to "DOS"

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Shanghai shivers, lol. Spit my drink out with that one.

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So, he refused to provide patients with treatment. Now he's caught hoarding ventilators.

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Not Los Angeles, oh my. That's to bad.

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Not as an answer to your question. But it really didn't help the situation that the "WHO" was bleeding our retail mask supplies dry via "pity donations" before the virus even reached out shores.

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I don't think the Logan Act applies if all the people Biden has meetings with are imaginary...

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Shh, don't type that sort of logic. A lib might read it.

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TFW, liberals named it Coronavirus, "Corona" based on the actual appearance under magnification.

Who would've thought libs would judge something by it's physical appearance..

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Yes, but statistics are easy to skew. If theoretical 100 are sick, and I only treat 1. I can scream all day long on CNN of how Trump's treatment only has a 1% success rate, without providing real numbers.

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Possible preparing to claim the treatment is ineffective? Seems like preemptive number padding.

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Seriously though boys, is FEMA guy okay? Is he aiming for meme status or something?

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Her focus group testing probably showed alive voters favored the current bill. Democrats can't allow something like that to pass.

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Democrats complaining as usual. The plan is probably to drag it out as long as possible, then claim the president didn't react fast enough.

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Can you kindly direct me to the paper, where it looks good?

I can't see how any form of leadership can thrive, when physical traits are put over ability and qualification.

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