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Trump is actually getting people to look at what Massie is saying and realize what a piece of shit this bill is when they see what Massie is saying, without having to call it himself, or bear the consequence of it. It's a good play.

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A fuckload of pork. Hundreds of millions for refugees and illegals, same day voter registration for national elections, billions for african bank. 75 million for NPR, 75 Million for the endownment of the arts.


It's fucking loaded full of garbage. We should not be accepting dirty bills just because it is a crisis, in fact this is the worst time to be exploited by these pork handout assholes.

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The Bat shit is gaslighting, this virus came from the lab in Wuhan, not some bat....

If it came from a bat it would have happened years ago, not today.

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Their end game is destroy companies and then use it as exhibit A as the failure of capitalism. They do this by forcing business to stop hiring based on merit and ability, and replace that with arbitrary qualifications. Eventually the companies squander their wealth and fail.

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Socialized medicine countries prioritize keeping people alive that are still dividend paying assets to the state/system. In other words people that are going to work and pay more taxes after they get better. If you are old, and retired, not paying taxes, you are a liability, not an asset to the socialized system. The sooner you are dead the more money they have.

People are livestock in socialized systems.

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What do you get when you combine panic with democrats?

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Someone has to be able to make airplanes with minimal effort and a few conversions.

Dude, you should see what it takes to get a PMA on a fucking lightbulb... getting a complete commercial passenger aircraft certified is insane on the barriers to entry scale.

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Right now is the critical time to chain the abstracts of math to their practical uses. Design and build something that uses a lot of math. Let her see how numbers are moved off the piece of paper and into the real world as tangibles, like measurements off a tape measure, and how math can be applied directly into that.

If you have tools and are capable, a piece of furniture or something is great for this.

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Yep, he can't do more than 1 thing at a time,

His campaign should be completely self guiding with the proper staff, problem is he has a staff full of diversity socialists that are inept at their jobs.

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Which is the same for the Corona test... What if the denominator is much higher, and people that had it and already got over it are never counted. Which brings its mortality number wayyyyyy down.

You have to make an apples to apples comparison if you want to be reasonable.

They are comparing the best case flu mortality numbers with the worst case corona mortality numbers, and that is the point. It's completely disingenuous as a comparison. And therefore a meaningless one.

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This is how an alpha deals with spoiled children, they want to engage you in their game, Trump forces them to step onto the field of his.

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