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I’m in the Bay, talking to hyper liberal people. The St Louis couple that’s now meme worthy that defended their property in pink polos with guns from the mob came up. They laughed at them and said “what did they think those protesters were going to do to them? Why’d they need guns?”, said as we now live with daily gun violence here, and someone just shot up someone else on the freeway as we were talking about it.

“They’re just protestors! What are they afraid of?”

SAID AS GUNFIRE WAS ACTIVELY GOING ON IN THE BACKGROUND. They shut down the whole freeway for hours over it.

If the left got into office again, it’s going to go like this: most leftists will be in the echo chamber and will have no idea what’s going on for real, just like now. They’ll be told ‘everything’s fine’. The extremists will be let lose on anybody that was ‘a problem’ in them being elected. These extremists will run out of control. Cops will stand down because they’d rather not be shot and it’s not like they’re allowed to defend themselves anymore. Brave ones will defend their communities and families and be thrown in jail for it and tried for 3rd degree murder for shooting someone as they actively had already shot them 3 times.

My area’s already gone to shit. $1-4 million dollar homes and it’s the ghetto now with daily, daily gun violence and break ins and fires and nonsense. The cops here are literally at war with criminals trying to keep them at bay in the Bay, and just had their funding cut by millions. Millions.

I’m not entirely happy with how Trump’s handling this, in that he didn’t call in the national guard, but I get why he’s doing it. Still, how the fuck do they think the alternative for me is now going to be them, the ones causing and encouraging the riots and looting? The ones tearing down monuments and setting America on fire? How the fuck is turning my fancy town into the ghetto with people being shot gangland style in the streets at night going to win my vote? Or anyone’s?

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The comments on the post are gold. People complaining about Russia putting bounties on US soldiers while Trump sleeps. Which is it, Trump’s Putin’s puppet, or Russia hates Trump and the US? Is he working for or against him? I can’t keep up.

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Seriously. The topic aside, who sees a tinker bell walking around and acting like that, and a respectable black police officer, and thinks tinker bell is probably on the side of reason? When in history has someone like that been on the right side of history?

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Also in the Bay, can confirm. The shooter gained ‘extra innocent’ status from being illegal. He’d been deported several times. If he picked up a gun and started firing, I can see why he kept being deported.

You don’t pick up a handgun and have it ‘go off’ accidentally. You pull the trigger or you don’t. If guns went off that easily, everyone with concealed carry would be shooting themselves and others by accident daily. If it were someone else picking up that gun that wasn’t given Jesus like status, he’d be in jail.

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That’s malarky. His name is Joe Biden and he’s running for United States senate.

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“Didn’t you hear about the great party switch? Back in the 60s, Christians and Muslims all switched sides. Everything good that Christians before that did was actually Muslims, and if you say otherwise, you’re an ignorant racist bigoted piece of cistrash!!!”

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Maybe he’s shooting for ‘ebonics’ but fell short and landed in ‘retard’.

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Thanks to BLM, everyone’s going to look at that with creepy suspicious, even if he did manage to find competent black democrats. If his cabinet and admin ends up looking like a BLM rally, it’s not going to win over people in swing states, and will likely drop his support in record numbers across many demographics.

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They made it all the way around the gender spectrum, only to end up right where they started, and just as confused as anyone else listening to Joe Biden running for United States Senate.

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Black Lives Matter has killed and injured more people than Bar Lives Matter. Didn’t do anything over the past 4 years but embezzle money, either. Maybe time to pass on the baton? Getting drunk is better than what BLM is doing for black people. At least one movement had a positive result.

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Part of his angle might be that he doesn’t want to ‘side’ with T_D because it would make people discount him because we’re all literally Russian white supremacist Nazi spies around here, kind of like Tim Pool’s reluctance to say he’s a Trump supporter. I just hear what Ben says on many things and he sounds like the nerdy kid in debate class that argued based on technicalities and smiled real smug but missed the larger point and principles of many issues and only talked to retards. I wouldn’t usually consider Ben to be an adult in the room during most discussions, and that’s not because of his age.

I’m all for allies that vote for Trump, but I’m still critical of people, which Shapiro hold up under.

Stefan’s done some super creepy things, and I feel similarly about him, just for very very different reasons. Some of his books ask people to leave their families. He’s said plenty I agree with but he’s super creepy and probably nefarious.

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That’s a pretty good take on him. I don’t outright dislike Ben, but it is pretty obvious that he almost exclusively takes on weak caricatures of his ideological opponents. He’s almost as dogmatic as them too, just in different directions. You might even call him a child abuser at this point.

“What, you’re 19 and you believe this? You are an idiot and wrong and I am right.” That’s most of his ‘debates’ and talks.

I will say about Sowell though that he’s at times guilty of the same things he accuses others of, but if others do it 99% of the time, he does it maybe 1% of the time.

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Also joined Reddit after Digg tanked. Kevin Rose is a fucking idiot. He was good as a TV host but it seems like everything he did after that was a big failure. It had so much momentum too. Diggnation. All of it. All he had to do was let it be and he couldn’t.

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Some of the ones in the Bay had to be postponed because they didn’t have enough blacks. A thousand person one had 4.

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Leftists still think they’re the Winston Smith’s in 1984. They control all the fucking media and lie blatantly all the time and silence anyone that disagrees with them. They’re even banning books and movies. How are they the fucking ‘good guy’ in 1984?

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Most of the people in charge at the top are used to old media that they controlled entirely, and new media allowed Trump to get in. That’s why they’re trying to crack down on new media so hard. They can’t win if they don’t control the means of information distribution.

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They’re more open minded Nazi’s. They want everyone to burn, not just some people. They went from hating Jews to hating all white people in general, even going back in time. Lincoln fighting the civil war to free the slaves from the democrats? NOT GOOD ENOUGH, ABE!

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Central planning worked out well for the Nazi’s. It was that pesky nationalism that got in the way! If only they’d tried killing all the Jews, instead of just their Jews, it’d have been a socialist utopia! You can totally trust the democrats to make that happen in 2020. They’re already out burning down towns and monuments and book burning and internet burning and coming up with new ways to burn things. They’re very ambitious too. This time it’s not just Jews, but white people in general to be burned. How could it not go well? All forms of communism throughout history have gone so well! It was always those meddling kids that foiled their plans.

You can trust them to centrally plan all aspects of our lives. They’re open to suggestions too! You can vote on anything they’re doing. Unless you disagree with them. Then you can’t vote and won’t be allowed to hear arguments to the contrary and will be put on a registry because saying it’s okay to be white is now literal hate speech.

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It’s funny how the joke of that post was that it would piss off Lurking leftists from Reddit, then it actually did and made its way to Reddit.

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President nominates, senate confirms or vetos, so Trump would get any pick he wanted right now. Every party tries to put their own in. I think the main issue with leftist ones is that their party changed and they changed along with it. They probably do think they’re fighting some civil rights fight or something on behalf of others, only now it’s being weaponized to do whatever they want in scary ways, like with the Obama EO being ‘canonized’ into law.

I’d be more for Civil Union than gay marriage, but I don’t exactly have a horse in that race. I’m in the Bay and know a lot of gay people (no homo) and a lot of them are for that too because they’d rather gay people didn’t try to pretend they’re straight people. It’s very clear the concept of marriage was between a man and a woman when the laws were written though. People try to sound smart and say Druids married trees but that’s clearly not what was in mind when we made marriage laws.


Great, go to Egypt then. Or try passing laws for gay marriage or civil unions. The arguments for it being ‘inate’ are completely nonsensical when they’re mostly looking for tax breaks and things like that. I know gay guys that are married and have kids together. They’re nice guys, but even they said that, despite loving their complicated to create children, they probably wouldn’t do it again because of how complicated it is and that you kinda need a female presence there to raise kids.

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Same in CA, but if you’re willing to go high-end, you’ve still got options. You’re getting more expensive guns, but they’re great guns and I have no regrets.

There’re also plenty of 1911’s at my local places. Only shotguns were single shot hinge ones though. Better hope you hit with one of those in self defense! You’ve got one shot.

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That’s another funny one. Folding knives and switch blades are technically less lethal than kitchen knives because they have a mode in which they’re completely harmless built in. I’m sure more people get killed with kitchen knives too.

It’s legal to walk around with a sword but not a switch blade.

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That’d probably help. In the past it was likely a little less important because ‘activist judges’ weren’t as much of a thing. Now that the Judicial branch is effectively creating laws by reinterpreting the meaning of words and their intentions beyond reason, in some ways they can be argued as more powerful than the president himself. They passed gay marriage, they made Obama’s EO’s into law. Although I’m fine with gay marriage, when that first happened I was deeply, deeply worried, and with their latest stunts, it appears I was right.

My main hope right now is getting conservative judges in there and repealing all the dumbass gun laws, and even knife laws. Rifles with pistol grips are banned but they’re okay once you put a piece of plastic behind them? You can’t have larger capacity magazines but criminals can? A switch blade is banned because people in movies used switch blades to stab people? Illegals are citizens?

If Trump had the court behind him, we actually could clean house on a lot of stupid shit. I’m not sure what the numbers are on crimes committed with an AR-15, but I am sure they approach 0. When they talk about gun deaths, 2/3-3/4 are suicide and the rest are mostly in self defense.

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