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True, but socialists are the ones you want to redpill.

Given his recent tweets I'd say it's clear he doesn't believe in democratic socialism or liberal policies.

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Nothing can stop whats coming

The second coming of Reagan?

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That's not the only house they own. The Obamas are worth 30 times more than when they entered the White House in 2008 and now own between 2-3 houses.

Btw. If there are any Bernie Bros reading this; We hate corrupt neo-liberal establishment just as much as you do.

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True. He did tweet about how brave Greta Thunberg was when those memes were trending. Still I enjoy the salt he has been able to generate lately.

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There was a journalist who tried to purchase a handgun to show how easy it is to get one, but failed the background check.

One should at least be aware of the current laws before making an argument.

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I think Elon is one of those liberals who genuinely want to do good, but don't yet know they are on the wrong side.

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China can finally install their own puppet government to NK.

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As gen-Z I have no idea what you are talking about, but good music.

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What's funny about this is that Hong Kong and Taiwan have new cases. So China either lies about having zero new case or those two are not part of China.

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I chose this username before it happened and now my heart is broken too.

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Ngl this is actually hard to watch. Joe Biden is a sick person.

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He was. I can't believe how blind the rest of the world has been.