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See America, if we all flock to beaches and parks, they can't do shit about it because they can't arrest thousands of us at the same time.

We need to stop obeying the illegal orders, edicts, and policies that politicians have imposed on us all. Fuck this plandemic bullshit!

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Soros is just too dang old to be that guy.

Do you not know who Bernie Sanders is?

These communist terrorists don't give a shit how old, corrupt, evil, or stupid someone is. They will follow any communist faggot who hates America, freedom, and our republic as much as they do, willing to do and say anything to destroy the United States like they are.

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POTUS will win in the biggest landslide in decades.

Only way Dems can stop President Trump is by cheating, mass voter fraud, and causing chaos with their universal mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting.

Their only shot is to create so much chaos and confusion, it'll be impossible to determine who won and drag it out for months, eventually forcing President Trump to step down so they can install Nancy as the interim president.

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As an immigrant of Taiwan, I approve of this map.

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84,108 ballots were not counted or invalidated, 21 percent of the total votes cast in New York City Democratic primaries. Yet mainstream fake news media and Democrats keep telling us universal mail-in voting is safe and secure.

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I wish they were just a simple LARP.

They're much more dangerous and insidious to society. They've polluted and corrupted generations of young minds with their lies, hoaxes, bullying, and insane ideology. They've ruined careers, lives, businesses, friendships, marriages, relationships, etc. They've destroyed our history, our institutions, culture, national identity, national pride, and any semblance of unity we've once had.

The left is a cancerous force that will keep spreading until they've destroyed and ruined everything that's good and wholesome in this world.

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The month of AUGUST is traditionally very HOT.

🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

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I think this has something to do with Ukrainian oligarchs, Ukrainian corruption, Joe Biden, etc.

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Gotta be honest, the Axios interview was a huge mistake.

Whoever advised President Trump to do that interview with an obvious anti-Trump interviewer at an anti-Trump outlet, should be fired immediately.

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Why did they hide the bodycam video for over 2 months and why hasn't the rest of the video been released or leaked?

You can clearly see that there's much more to the video file before it ends.

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He was tweaking out.

Moron most likely swallowed or stuck a shit ton of meth and fentanyl up his ass when he knew cops were coming.

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These communist useful idiots are the worst that our society has to offer.

Most of these front line Antifa faggots are pedos, satanists, prostitutes, homeless people, high school dropouts, mentally ill, drug addicts, convicted criminals, anti-religion, anti-God scumbags.

The mid-level Antifa organizers are usually rich white kids and teachers / professors who direct and manipulate their foot soldiers.

They are human scum being used by the Democrats and Deep State to destabilize the country. They need to cause fear and chaos in the American psyche and cities in order to further their agenda of toppling the government and destroy this country.

This was the video you're talking about, of Millie Weaver at a Trump rally last year:


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These anti-police commies are always the first ones to call 911 and look for cops whenever they get their asses handed to them.

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Meanwhile, the Antifags continue to block other cars.


They were scared the angry black man with the big black truck was gonna do something about them blocking the street, so they had to let him pass.

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How is this evil witch not arrested for mass murder? How are any of the DemoncRat governors not arrested for mass murdering the elderly? It's beyond evil what they've done and continue to do.

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They already do with Facebook, Google / YouTube, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, NSA, and all telecomm companies.

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The crazy leftists are saying it's because Trump needs the Latino vote.


They're literally retarded. President Trump only got 28% of Latino votes in 2016 and still owned Hillary in a landslide victory. He doesn't need Latino or black votes at all in 2020.

POTUS is doing this out of the goodness and kindness of his heart. Something the left and Democrats clearly has none of.

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It's literally everywhere.

Ever watch HBO's Watchmen series. Pure predictive programming on top of the blatant SJW virtue signaling and race baiting.

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