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For anyone that checks comments without clicking the link: DuckTales now has a gay couple raising a diverse duck.


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Don't have to imagine it. Black dude could be reaching for a gun and/or be a convicted criminal, cop or civilian could put him down in 100% justified self defense, and the media will cry racism and never shut up about it, ruining the defender's life.

As has happened time and time again.

Facts don't matter in this world.

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I showed this to some libs and they tried defending it, saying it was just an impromptu ambulance due to the shortage of regular ambulances.

What kind of ambulance crams two people together without enough room to lie down or even sit down? Why did she start screaming?

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Considering the timing of his party throwing out Labour and winning Brexit, and how no other UK leader is infected and in ICU, the odds of him being assassinated before being able to return more power to the British citizens is VERY high.

In WWII, the UK had spies and informants in the US to make sure the US did not withdraw from the war. They were also told to sow dissent and try to get the US involved before Pearl Harbor happened and did their job for them.

So I wonder if we have British shills here too?

Keep the UK at an arm's length; they can be allies, but cannot be trusted, as we have learned time and time again since before 1776.

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How absolutely convenient how he falls ill after Brexit and before he can continue retaking Britain for the British people... while no other British leaders are affected AFAIK... and he's the only one to go into ICU...


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and muh testing a new drug, even though it's existed for so long it's out of patent, and has been used for malaria for at least a century without any significant issues.

For perspective this is like if we found ibuprofen or aspirin worked, and instead of mass producing the drugs we were told we needed more trials and to take a vaccine that Bill Gates just bought the rights to...

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No he couldn't even do that, they couldn't get him out of Microsoft fast enough

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While his son everyone forgets about continues to operate in the shadows.

That entire family tree needs a Darwin award.

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Ironically (?) bet if you share this breitbart article on facebook it will be flagged as fake news or suppressed entirely

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Meanwhile that CNN cuck was constantly interrupting and shouting at the President and they idolized him...

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lol no, Teslas are honestly junk and have scary implications.

So you're okay with a third party being able to send remote commands to your vehicle? They can even use the excuse it's stolen and shut it down completely.

On top of this, they're NOT green. Look up how the Lithium alone is mined. Huge pink lakes in South America full of chemicals that they dump the ore into, then wait for the water to evaporate. The water then carries all those chemicals into the rain clouds.

On top of that is the fact that the cars pull from a grid powered by coal. There are even people that use gas or diesel generators to power their EVs in emergencies, completely defeating the purpose of buying them.

A car from 1980 is already carbon neutral just due to how long it has been on the road. Meanwhile a Tesla and other EVs will take even longer to pay off their carbon footprint just from how destructive it is to mine and refine the resources that go into them.

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And that's sketchy as fuck. If I didn't live in a region where salt destroys cars, I'd be driving a 1970s or 80s car without Onstar or any way to track or disable my transportation. Sadly you're lucky if a car lasts a decade, so if you find an older car it costs way too much or won't pass inspection.

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Like one of the Twitter replies said, this sounds like money laundering.

Could also be quid-pro-quo. Cuomo paying over twice as much as normal for a Chinese favor down the line.

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Even slightly damaged models can be marked as salvage for no more than needing a panel replaced.

Also there have been cases of used Tesla's such as this one being sold, the family having no idea, then having charging disabled and stranding them.


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Never seen someone take a joke so seriously lol

That was a dig at how Teslas sometimes download updates.

Another fun fact, if you're a second owner or repaired a Tesla, they can send a command to disable supercharging. Which means you can only use standard charging, which takes 6 to 8 hours.

It is fucked. Up. They can send commands to your legally owned vehicle and do with it what they want, including and up to completely disabling it.


Anyone who buys a Tesla is literally retarded.

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They can't even keep me inside.

If enough people decide to go out at once, what will they do, light the fuse to the powderkeg they themselves have created?

Bottling millions up in their homes is like shaking a coke can and expecting nothing to happen when you pull the tab.

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It's literally retarded how you get called racist for not wanting to visit a Chinese restaraunt or any other Chinese operated business.

The Chinese are infamous for always travelling. I guarantee the local chinese food place down the street has at least one person or an immediate family member that has travelled to China and back within the past six months.

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I just checked and they're still saying 81k.

With their population packed together worse than sardines in a can.

While the US and Italy, with their populations spread out, have double to triple the numbers.

Utter. Bullshit.

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I never believe rape allegations anymore.

But when it comes to Biden, I 100% believe, because just look at all the damn video evidence that we're supposed to ignore...

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Piggy backing off your piggybacking:

Have a coworker that had all the symptoms, came into the office all week coughing up a storm, and exposed everyone.

Never got tested, and even though I issued him a laptop (I'm the office IT tech) specifically so he could connect anywhere he went, he kept coming into the office until his management FORCED him to stay home.

He could work from home and do literally everything from home, but he CHOSE to keep coming in and get everyone else sick. Even if it isn't the WuFlu, he's an absolute asshole.

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