Choppermagic [S] 11 points ago

and she's a visible minority. Are police racist for shutting down their restaurant?

Choppermagic [S] 6 points ago

Shocked that any of these crazy loonies gets punished for any crimes. She must not be woke enough for the crooked FBI to let go

Choppermagic [S] 2 points ago

Fake NEws about to create a spike in corona virus just located to one side of these stairs

Choppermagic [S] 10 points ago

They tried to do the same with the President. This is why 2020 is so important.

Choppermagic [S] 5 points ago

How many acting positions can Grenell hold at the same time? Give him them all to clean house!

Choppermagic [S] 2 points ago

Trump needs to appoint Clarence Thomas as Chief Judge...you know for black equality reasons...

Roberts needs to retire

Choppermagic [S] 8 points ago

Chaz should be live streamed 24 hours a day as a captain ad for Trump

Choppermagic [S] 4 points ago

There pretty much is no such thing. The only way you can possibly OD on red pills if you run and become President and go after the deep state and the left. Keep taking them!

Choppermagic [S] 1 point ago

what's the stock code for Parler incase us pedes want to invest?

Choppermagic [S] 22 points ago

I'm going to be honest. If Antifa scum got into my face, I would not be able to show the same restraint

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