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Oh I don't disagree. Just nostalgic for Bill. He redpilled a lot of young millennial minds when we were just starting to take interest in politics.

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Oh hey site is back up.

GEOTUS won hands down, by all measures. Jesus.

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He is HIGH ENERGY tonight. Not looking good for Sleepy.

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I miss Bill O'Reilly. People forget that he was the lead conservative voice on television for about 15 years before he was falsely MeToo'd.

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Couldn't have said it better myself.

When people ask me wHy WoUlD yOu VoTe FoR dRuMpF, this will simply be my response: Because I love my country.

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It's crazy how Trump hasn't aged at all since 2016.

It's also crazy that Barron has grown at least 5 feet since then.

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Nice work! If Minnesota goes red after Fentanyl Floyd, my faith in humanity will be restored.

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That's amazing! I thought TDS was incurable.

I didn't vote in 2016. 2020 I'd risk my life to do so.

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This is good to hear. If they try to flip PA after Election Day, we'll have ACB on the bench to put an end to the charade.

(btw I am inclined to think that Trump won't need PA...FL, NC, AZ, MI and he has 270+)

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Oh shit, Mazie time! Time for the reverse red pill (red suppository?)!

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The ironic part is that now this could theoretically get WAY more coverage/attention than it otherwise would have

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A cover story in the most widely read newspaper in New York is "harmful"

What a fucking joke

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lol imagine the mental gymnastics it takes to continue characterizing this cunt as a "moderate"

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lmao does he really think any sane person would agree that a guy who made knockoff sole inserts is too dangerous to buy a gun??

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This is great. Hopefully redpilling any young people (women especially) with an interest in civics.

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Yes. She and Tillis are probably the top two seats that we need to maintain if we want to avoid losing the Senate. Donate!

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