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Who's listening to eXpErTs anymore, instead of listening to data and facts?

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Something is going to happen, but it's not going to be debates.
It's going to be a remote Zoom meeting with Joe reading shit off a teleprompter, and "TeChNiCal DifFiCulTiEs" for Trump every time he destroys the left.

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Bro, they don't handle being babied and having their way all the time.
They don't handle just being told no.
They're fucking toddlers throwing a fit for no reason, all the fucking time.
This is making them seethe the fuck out.

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Rapist shot in the heart, thief shot in the arm, pedo shot in the dick.
And now, the person who treated babies as "just a clump of cell" just got taken out by a cancerous clump of cells.

Religion is going to make a huge comeback the way things are going.

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He didn't have time, and they would have used that to give her legitamacy.
Also, they would have rammed as many progressive women as possible going "it,s her turn" for four fucking years.
Not she gets to sit down and shut up, because it's the American's turn.

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For someone who dismissed babies as "just a clump of cells" she sure got shown what "just a clump of (cancerous) cells" can do.

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They're going to try and bring up that if a Justice is rammed through, people will not trust the Justice. But we all saw the character assasination they did on Kavanough. So it doesn't matter anymore either way they'll play character assasination, so let's waste less taxpayer money on this, snd nuclear option day one.

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I'm saying she might be there for optics, not for actual pick.
The dems wouldn't want a Christian, so they would never pick her, but it pads tye list instead of handing out a list with one person and making it look inflexible.
It's a false choice.
Like if I ask you if you'd rather do work, get punched in the face, or attend Church. The right has two choices in there, but to the left, there like not one they want really, so, maybe they would finally work.

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How fast can we go "Can you prove those allegations? No? Oh no, well anyways..." and just ram the process the fuck along?

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Ok, so there you have it, it's war.
So when they say we shouldn't do something, remind them it's war, we owe them nothing.

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Dying wishes are like the popular vote. You can make up as many as you want, but they don't matter in any government function, law, or process.

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Her supposedly dying wish.
They've made it up, like all the other shit.
Just more "people in the know of the way of thinking..." shit.

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Because theu really thought it was her turn, and nothing would have stopped it.

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The solution is simple. you do like the founding fathers, and you put in place protections. You add that adding supreme courts (changing the amount) needs to be approved by the house, the senate, and the supreme court.
You make that not modifiable unless approved by all three. You close shit down so thight you end up with a small government for the people, by the people.
Disqualify non American from running in local elections, then deport everyone not born in the USA to American parents.


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Because democrats are only in power on the democrat side when someone has deep blackmail on them.

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Unless it's filled in about an hour.

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