ChadManspread 1 point ago

Seems like that would backfire. Trump supporters are beyond fired up and would get to the polls no matter what, but Biden suporters generally aren't, and would probably skip it if they needed to.

ChadManspread 4 points ago

I'm in California, and everyone should get out. Although, there does seem to be a lot of Newsom hate here lately.

ChadManspread 9 points ago

I agree (and I don't have social media so there isn't much I can do). We don't fight at all, we make the post and move on. The left puts in the time and energy to cancel everyone everywhere, and we just sit idly around. I've commented about it before, but we really need to fight back.

ChadManspread 82 points ago

And that's the important discovery. Time to publicize this bigly. Make him and what he did known everywhere, use the left's tactics against them. According to that tweet he also posted profane, vile, hateful death wish things about Sanders.

ChadManspread 5 points ago

OC here, sounded like a war zone for at least 5 hours. Drove around, fireworks EVERYWHERE. Also, if you live near the Rainbow / Whiskey, I'm envious.

ChadManspread 3 points ago

As a matter of fact it was. I recognized the name from Reddit.

ChadManspread 10 points ago

Agree about KIA, and they've already started being the same they were. I commented the link to omega Canada and got a passive aggressive response from a mod asking if I was just going to spam that in random posts. It's the only comment I've made over there.

I did really lobby for KIA2, though, much better community.

ChadManspread 1 point ago

Although the pictures prove it, you know damn well she never gave a fuck about it until she could use it for points.

ChadManspread 2 points ago

Completely agree. We never fight back, we never go on the offensive, we never stop it before it starts. Maybe we shouldn't, I don't know, but I'm sick of the rioting, the destruction, the vandalism, everything. Someone somewhere needs to push back. I'd like to see the Hells Angels show up to an antifa riot. If that started happening, antifa would disband overnight.

ChadManspread 6 points ago

You know how the left is always doing their cancel culture shit? How do we do it to the NYT and CNN? I'm not much for cancel culture, even for things I don't like or disagree with, but I'd really like to see them both completely out of business, out of circulation and off the air.

How can we do that?

ChadManspread 2 points ago

I thought Alaska was pretty conservative. I'm surprised if not, seems like the industry there would lean that way.

ChadManspread 1 point ago

That is his only comment, and that name, and...I just can't tell these days.

ChadManspread 11 points ago

I just hate Neil Young, I've never been a fan, completely overrated, especially when compared to his peers.

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