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Nah, they'll eviscerate them.

The least you fucking do is consider the merits of a case, NOT construe things so you don't need to consider the merits by the finest of margins. Anyway, more ammunition for us.

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Five times in a row, one per Justice. ACB last go for sweet revenge.

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I doubt it would be refused, the Democrat justices aren't that foolish. (And yes, Chief Justice, that includes you).

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Ah, OK. "Six" referring to "ensuring a win" for our side, based on facts and arguments?

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Thanks, how many votes will we get from doing so?

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How did they "play themselves"?

Serious question.

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You just made me spit coffee, just started shift. Thankfully, not all over the console

I needed that.

Would be funny if there was a South Park skit featuring that.

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We can also say "[the] meme is a reality".

Life is like a meme...

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And yet, John Brennan is crying over this guy.

All because Joe Biden is not President.

Newsflash: We have "responsible government" already.

It did put a slight smile on my face when I started working yesterday (the news, not the above).

Now, we just need to be mindful of Iranian retaliation, in some way, shape, or form. (Don't discount it, I've seen this happen before in other contexts, not necessarily with Iran).

Be funny to watch them be thwarted a second time - you're dealing with the United States after all, not a bunch of Muppets (Britpede saying, meaning "idiots").

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I shall award them no points,

You want to award them negative points

and then

may God have mercy on their commie souls

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Welcome to Frens, GA.

We're glad we're on your mind.

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I remember that little note you posted everytime you came across a new account, too...

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Not only that the NZ Herald called the President's claims baseless - they are a rag in general, and have been losing subscribers for years - hence their constant five-week free trials. To anyone with a brain, it is Biden's claim that is baseless, we're not all leftists 🙂

There are plenty of.us who are conservative, and we'll be back in 2023. MNZGA!

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How about...

All Communists Are Bastards

All Communiusts Are Beasts

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I wonder if he was sorely tempted, I cannot say I would blame him.

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