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Just deprive these cities of all federal benefits. Flying, food stamps, etc.

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the strange thing about libs is that they don't say "i would rather die" they say "i would rather the entire human race die"

that's more cult behavior. the ritual mass suicide.

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Reads like conspiracy theorist fan fiction but god damn if I don't doubt any of it could have happened.

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I donated last night too. Screw you demonrats

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Playing the race card when a Democrat is caught red handed, no one saw that coming did they?

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If the left keeps going down their path, literally all they're going to have remaining are the extremely crazy outright communists like "the squad", and they'll have reduced themselves into a permanent minority.

We're all very familiar with this whole "being lumped in with the right without even changing our beliefs, because the left went so far nuts, so I guess we're on the right now" phenomenon...

It seems it's starting to effect the politicians now, too. It probably already was, but they're finally having to publicly do something about it.

And honestly, this is fine with me... I hope they keep isolating people across the nation, so that perhaps we can get back to some sort of normalcy at some point... Where we can return to a society where it's okay to have a disagreement with someone, okay to have an opinion, and okay to not want to finger yourself to tranny porn without a constant outrage mob trying to forcibly control your entire life.

The biggest part of MAGA, for me, is more than jobs or income... To me, it's seeing a destruction of the PC culture and identity politics of the left, to where people can just be sane and reasonable again, instead of constantly living in an authoritarian dystopia where holy fuck, you aren't a degenerate or an ideologue so you must be cast out and destroyed!

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Meanwhile if an ice officer of the law approaches you form a mob and tell them to fuck off

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>zero evidence, except for all the evidence. and the confessions

Wtf are these people smoking?? What evidence? Which confessions?