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Democommies tell the NEA that, if they push the propaganda, they will vote to increase school funding

NEA tells the teachers to push the propaganda and demands the increase in funding be used to raise teachers' salary (and thus their dues)

Teachers follow orders, pay their dues and vote for dems because they got them a pay raise

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who needs a study?

have a black kid walk through a white neighborhood at 1:00 AM

have a white kid walk thought a black neighborhood at 1:00 AM

you'll get your answer

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this was all a big mistake

Biden was nattering on and saying things that would get him in trouble so his handler said "Put a lid on it Joe"

so he went to bed

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that's what every parent should do- teach them about work right out of the gate

get a job or join the military

or even fuck college, get into a skilled trade

you can bet they won't spend their money on lesbian dance theory classes

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what they don't show about mixed race relations is the black family ostracizing the black half and black women beating the shit out of the white girl for taking their man

when I see a white girl with a black man, my first thought is "Take that, Daddy!"

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