Captain_Triips [S] 1 point ago


if i buy into your "recovery" then you do not have the gene. you r just weak

pretty much everyone in my family is an alcoholic,

case closed

Captain_Triips [S] 19 points ago

"We're not a traffic cop we're a humanitarian cop"

GODS I love this man.

I am not an xian but we should all be on our knees thanking whomever that he is our leader

Captain_Triips [S] 2 points ago

he was on entertainment tonight for gods sake

and didn't the part about lemonhead tearing up ust break your heart?

Captain_Triips [S] 0 points ago

addiction is still not a choice

it is a genetic illness

there are plenty of working people, businessmen, professionals etc. who are addicts

Captain_Triips [S] 4 points ago

there are already epidemics of Hep C and typhus among them and CA has done nothing aout them

so it is no surprise they are also ignoring the kung flu

Captain_Triips [S] 1 point ago

i live up in the mountains

I am not worried that the deer and rabbits are not practicing social distancing

Captain_Triips [S] 1 point ago

it is just an attempt to slow things down to say Trump is not doing enough and block economic recovery

it was her witch hunt that delayed us detecting the virus sooner

i hope he tells her to shove her subpoenas

Captain_Triips [S] 2 points ago

the ral candidate will be whoever they run for VP

if either of the two old farts win, they will have health issues and resign

in Biden's case, they could find him unfit

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