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Right now the word "debunked" is repeated so often and an obvious lie that it's grating on me.

In a few days the words "cheating BY BOTH SIDES..." will be repeated so often and an obvious lie and will grate on me.

But in due time, the words "I was just following orders!" will be repeated so often and be an obvious lie and... I think I'll put up with it at that point when the floor drops out and the noose tightens.

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GOP’s basically the caboose with no engine that thought it was somehow pushing the Trump Train.

...and they just detached

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Back when you were white?

Edit: Jake from State Farm was white for the 3 seconds he appeared in the first commercial. I don’t THINK they replaced him for race baiting reasons as at the time State Farm had a policy of using actual employees in their commercials and Jake had since left State Farm. The meme exploded though so they had to hire someone to be “Jake”. it kinda feels like SF is trying to convince us this Jake was always the same Jake, down to refilming the original commercial. Gaslighting, IMO

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Question 1: The KKK is and was a ________ organization A. Democrat B. Republican

This question is required to be correct in order to vote.

Then a hundred more questions.

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I think you're still doing good work. A lot of people were basically "lost at sea" after the election and all the gaslighting from the media and even fox backstabbing us. We thankfully had here to learn the truth. Every Trump supporter not part of TD.Win could still be basically in doomer mode and still need to learn the truth.

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Must be desperate if they’re already burning through their controlled opposition replacement already.

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It’s a meme about mixing up those words. If someone mentions it like that, 99% of the time it’s part of the joke.

There’s funny art under search images for “commit sudoku” though

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Even youtube stopped recommending their pinned-to-the-top videos of “biden won, please surrender” and “look what president biden’s doing, we REALLY need you yo believe hd won”

They’re just gone now

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Agreed, I like Canada being Canada, but we need to help them get rid of this awful strain of globalist infestation like we're getting rid of ours.

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