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My argument is intended to backup your claims. And by extension the 10th amendment is very clear - federal power is enumerated and severely limited.

The 17th amendment threw all that out of wack and castrated the states’ power. I’m Jeffersonian and do not agree with a more powerful Hamiltonian federal government.

Repeal 17.

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States have rights too. The president isnt in a hierarchy where he can just override them.

He might be able to evoke something related to federal code and CDC to exercise emergency powers, etc.

But my friend, the constitution is very clear on the powers of the feds....and the Feds are waaayyyyyyyyy out of control.

You know Im on the trump train. News aint shit when it comes to who is right in the eyes of the law or not.

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It is not illegal. You are being told it is illegal.

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Bullshit. It's alignment with recommendations by the federal gov.

Abbott, in my and The Great State of Texas aligns completely with Trump. As soon as Trump says drop it, Abbot will.

And for the record, it is against the constituion. None of the lcoal laws on this stay at home are legal. However, I followed them to help the Presidents effort, as well as have common sense.

FTW. ^ <^ ^^

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I haven't clicked on it yet. This has to be parody or a shitpost.

I'm going in....

EDIT: Nope. This dumb bitch is the worst feckless cunt I have ever seen. pelosi I just a shit bad, cunt. AOC is a STUPID, FECKLESS CUNT.

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Communist News Network

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I think maybe the pede above you saw something about derivatives and the derivatives market. That is a number that adds up to a ridiculous sum - a quick search shows the modern number as 555 trillion. Read up on derivatives.

The amount of cash is 35 trillion and cash plus accounts = around 99 trillion.

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They didn't do that. They kept trying for a community for us at the same time setting up this refuge.

You are free to continue being a bitch and visit that shithole, login, and scream until they ban you.

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Why the fuck did I just get linked directly to the SHIT SHOW that is the WAPO?

Don't fucking do that.

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It already exists. It's a malaria drug and is already on the market, used world wide. It stops the pharma companies from profiting off this. Many companies are donating millions of doses already.

https://www.rantingly.com is where I stay current. (not shill, just a fan of this fellow pede created site)

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for the historical record:


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I disagree. This is great for GEOTUS and the USA in the long term. We have a valid, publicly blamable reason to shun terrible China. We have all the proof needed to see where we are too dependent on China and global trade. As we speak laws are being made to bring all these nationally important industries home. GEOTUS is being a great leader and unifier. Centrists can see this. The economy will rebound 100% by summer and come November there will still be a landslide.

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No it's not. Fight. Keep fighting their bullshit lies. Fuck you and fuck anyone who cares more about feelings than facts. Bitches.

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PromisesKept.com is all you need to read.

I love Donald J. Trump for all those reasons listed there.

And...he inspires me to fight and win, to use strategy against my enemies, and to have compassion for those that need hope yet try hard. Dr.VSGGEOTUS has reignited the passion I had for America right after 9/11 that Bush and Chaney killed with their fake WMD and then Obama raped with his racial divisiveness and snake like charm.

Drain the swamp!

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