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The recoil will be epic with the butt of that stock in that position

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Gearup 16's comment is liberalism in a nutshell

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::she bends over:: "Fill that seat! "

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Careful man

This is tdw, where "cops are cucks"....guess they should be defunded.

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Cops are cucks


Why doesn't Trump ever bash cops like you do?

Is he on their side, and therefore a cuck too?

Or is he too stupid and naive to know cops as thoroughly as you do?

Is there a third option? Why doesn't he agree with any of you that cops are bad?


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You don't get to pick option A or option B, that's not how life works on this issue.

You know how life works, and you're laying out the rules. Got it.

LOL Why the fuck would God Himself be posting replies in an internet forum? I think maybe you could be a tad delusional.

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Well yuh just got four thousand upvotes

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Cuz cops are the REAL bad guys! Amirite??

I hear antifa has openings, if you have the guts to put your anti-law enforcement ideology into aktion.

I said IF. Ha ha we both know you don't.

Got my shower cap on, ready to fucking BATHE in all the salty tears and downvotes. BRING that shit. BRING IT.

Edit: only -15?? Come on shills, you can do better than that! This is a pro-law enforcement post on tdw! Get those downvotes crackin'! Or dont you hate cops enough ? You fucking weenies . I hope Trump praises law enforcement for ten fucking minutes at the protest tonight. Border Patrol and ICE, too.

Make it 15.

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Bet I know who you'll call when thugs break into your home

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It must really chap your scrotum and tighten your colon to hear President Trump constantly and loudly proclaiming his undying support for police officers, and getting a deafening roar of approval from thousands of patriots.

Doesn't it just irritate the piss out of you?

How about when he calls them "brave men and women" and pours out accolades on them?

Can you even describe how aggravated and triggered you get when he does that? Please try.

No no, I'm serious. How mad do you get when Trump praises police? On a scale of 1-10, wth 10 being you want to kill someone for even asking how angry you are.

EDIT: LOL look at those salty downvote tears! Must've struck a nerve among the anti-law enforcement crowd.

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Yer about to get sprayed dude

Magic spray that goes through glass

Ha ha I could watch fucking communists getting run over all damn day

Go patriots!!!

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Oh you're doing the thing where you don't count the Bill of Rights or any of the other amendments as part of the Constitution.

Like tiddlywinks, that's a game I choose not to play.

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Damn Constitution

Always gumming up the works

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Ha ha haaaaaaaaa

He even has Trump lips!

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If everyone who votes by mail still has to go to polls to verify, it's tempting to say fuck it, why mail it? Because what if life comes along and hands you a shit mountain on election day, at least there's a chance your vote got in.

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Long as she's not A dope :) like whoever first started the fad of using "dope" as an adjective

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Trump himself keeps saying to mail it in, if it's solicited by the voter.

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Americans love synonyms and using as synonyms words that aren't necessarily synonyms

Liberal = leftist = progressive = democrat = socialist = communist = left winger = left-wing extremist = left-wing radical = collectivist = Marxist = fascist fuckwit :)

The subtle microscopic differences are overwhelmed by the horrible creeping sameness

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That's not saying much. I just pulled a piece of lint from my navel that's smarter than these people, and people who believe that polls merely indicate rather than drive opinion.

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Bumble Bee de best?

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