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Plus if you have to you can make bad guy go bye bye

My high school had a 10-position rifle range in the basement where we fired .22 long rifle....the guns stayed there but I've read on here of people bringing their guns to school. One guy said he had to shoot dinner on the way home from school every night or else the family didn't eat, so starting at age 6 he always carried his rifle.

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OK, Leroy's got the CIA/mockingbird media talking point down pat. Over 2,000 articles, all negative, all the time, 100% unanimous. They all got the 4 am memo.

Here's a Q for all the Leroys: What ELSE related to Trump and his growing base of patriot support in the US and around the world do you trust that CIA and MSM have gotten 100% correct?


Then maybe they're lying to you about this as well.

Nobody needs to take the deep-red pill til they're ready. There's no pressure, no conflict, no internal struggle like CIA/MSM desperately want us to have.

They seek daily to fracture Trump's expanding worldwide legion of patriotic supporters into splinters, to make us disunified and easier to control. In reality, there are merely those who choose to read the back channel communications and research the data; and those who choose not to.

Each group equally considers the other to be naive, gullible, propagandized, unwilling or unable to see the obvious truth, dangerously ill-informed; and wishes they would change their belief and come to the other side.

But, curiously, only one group of Trump supporters insists on changing those beliefs and is encouraged to attack the other group of Trump supporters as retarded, stupid, moronic, etc.—it's the group adhering to the CIA/ MSM fake talking points about wild-eyed domestic terrorists about to shoot up state houses and pizzerias at the command of a basement-underwear guru.

Reality: Everyone here is on the same side, die-hard patriotic supporters of Trump and his America-first agenda, welcoming to all law-abiding citizens, including formerly brainwashed socialists; unwelcoming to foreign invaders, racists, nazis, commie globalist pigs, and others whose core beliefs clash with the Constitution in tangible ways. When America wins, the free world wins.

[They] want us divided. United we stand. United we have the power to destroy [them]. That's why [they] are desperate to keep us divided and angry. Let's frustrate [them].

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You weren't well regulated to reply to this topic. Read and learn, then comment.

One of the biggest challenges in interpreting a centuries-old document is that the meanings of words change or diverge."Well-regulated in the 18th century tended to be something like well-organized, well-armed, well-disciplined," says Rakove. "It didn't mean 'regulation' in the sense that we use it now, in that it's not about the regulatory state...It means the militia was in an effective shape to fight."In other words, it didn't mean the state was controlling the militia in a certain way, but rather that the militia was prepared to do its duty."


Dr. Robert J. Cottrol is the editor of the book “Gun Control and the Constitution: Sources and Explorations on the Second Amendment.” And Cottrol, a Second Amendment expert and legal historian, is the Harold Paul Green Research Professor of Law at George Washington University. He says the words “well regulated” refer to proficiency and top-notch training.


The phrase "well-regulated" was in common use long before 1789, and remained so for a century thereafter. It referred to the property of something being in proper working order. Something that was well-regulated was calibrated correctly, functioning as expected. Establishing government oversight of the people's arms was not only not the intent in using the phrase in the 2nd amendment, it was precisely to render the government powerless to do so that the founders wrote it.


[emphasis mine]

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"Slavery is cool because I understand the varying ASPECTS of the topic! It's just the strong using the weak for personal gain! I love slaveREEEEEEEE!"

You just got deported again for not "being respectful."

Got another triggered reply cued up? :)

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Russians ARE white supremacists...and ultra nationalists.

Good luck finding a carload of them who consider black people (or any other people for that matter) to be their equal.

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Thank God Florida changed from "must run away like pussy" to "stand your ground".

Then they extended the castle doctrine to out in public beyond your home. Someone fucks with me, boom. Instant democrat voter.

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Who in the media will ask the big Question?

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The first arrest of a Corney, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe, Rice, Lynch, Sztrok, Page, etc.

Any of those assholes getting busted--preferably in a pre-dawn, no-knock raid--will begin the redpilling process for normies.

The DEEP-red pill comes after that.

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If you don't have days and weeks go by without thinking of reddit, reddit is living rent free in your mind

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery

Only ourselves can free our minds

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Me: actually do something important

You: actually do something that makes a difference

Okie dokie, Smokey o7

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Looting leads to shooting, and that’s why a man was shot and killed in Minneapolis on Wednesday night - or look at what just happened in Louisville with 7 people shot. I don’t want this to happen, and that’s what the expression put out last night means....

In Trump's case it's entirely credible that he meant exactly this, and didn't realize the statement connecting looting with shooting originated as a threat from law enforcement to prevent Miami race riots in the 60s

It's also entirely credible that he meant both exactly this and the original meaning simultaneously, as he often (intentionally and with great precision and unmatched skill) communicates on multiple levels at once

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They wanted to make a case so strong that even Republicans with Silicon Valley donors will admit that big tech needs to be reined in.

Yes because it's Republicans who are the big problem


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Thug is as thug does

Sadly that applies equally to the cop killers...and the killer cops

Disgraceful subhuman insults to the badge, these tiny few who besmirch the reputation and integrity, courage and sacrifice of the many

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...as Twitter does the exact behavior Trump issues an Executive Order to disallow, hours after he signs it

That is clearly and unambiguously publishing—and not being a neutral, transparent platform for others to express their ideas uncensored.

Preventing people from seeing the president's words without first consuming your editorial content is a textbook example of editorializing.

Merely stating that the content is sensitive or whatever mealy-mouthed adjective, is editing the content.

Wonder if & when the EO will ever sink its teeth in

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does anyone have audio or video? trump is a white nationalist ffs

FFS Trump has hugged more black men than even yo mama.

And everyone but you, apparently, has already seen the video. Catch up, you fucking ignorant race-baiting tool, before you embarrass yourself in public any further:


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Until you people want to step up your game and start taking shit seriously instead of constantly retreating and constantly trying to defend losing ground ain't shit going to change. When POTUS is allowed to be POTUS he wins. So start fucking supporting him in ways that matter.

You mean like YOU are? LOL

Then suppose you clue us lowly swine in on all your wonderful ways that MATTER (!!) that you're supporting him. (Besides running your mouth off at his most fervent supporters, and bashing Trump's mean tweeting like a pansy liberal, I mean.)

We'll wait.

Quit trying to issue commands, and actually do something important before you pontificate.

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And just like that, everyone forgot about Covid-19.

I literally just said this about 20 minutes ago, out loud:

"And just like that, the only news story in the entire nation just completely switched from the fake plandemic to 24/7 nonstop coverage of the Minnesota riots by a bunch of mindless thugs."

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a liberal friend of mine

This does not compute for me any more. I don't have any.

With all their tiresome blather about inclusion and tolerance, love and acceptance,...liberals support, knowingly and unknowingly, people who traffic and torture and kill and eat babies and children, and who seek actively to destroy the United States of America and all its protections and institutions, our history and traditions and culture. That's what liberals (progressives/ commies/ socialists/ drippy left-wing assholes) are about.


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