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This isn't funny anymore.

It's advanced Alzheimer's dementia.


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I can't fully live this timeline and gain full appreciation of it in one lifespan. Right after Trump I want to keep being reincarnated to 2015 and living this timeline over and over for eternity so it's like he's never not president

Jk sort of

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I don't get meditation any more than I get prayer, but I also equally don't mind others doing it and benefiting from it in my presence. If it enhances their peace of mind, who could be against that?

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Isn't it funny how this virus just happened to come along at exactly the time when it would...

  • End POTUS rallies

  • End POTUS economic gains

  • End POTUS unemployment gains

  • End POTUS [abc, xyz, fill in the blank]

  • Weaken POTUS prior to election

  • Delay US/China trade negotiations

  • Shelter Biden from public appearances

  • Shelter Biden from getting viciously ravaged by Trump in debate(s) on international TV

  • Push new/revised 2020 vote by mail [unsecure]

  • Push dimwits' "wish list" of unrelated items in the CV bill

Interesting, no?

Pushing out truckloads of lies daily about candidate Trump didn't work.

The "fine people" hoax didn't work.

The "Mexican judge" hoax didn't work.

The "sexist misogynist" hoax didn't work.

The "refusal to disavow white supremacy" hoax didn't work.

The "mocking the disabled" hoax didn't work.

The "gold star families" hoax (the "Khan con") didn't work.

The "pussy grabber" hoax didn't work.

Election fraud and voter fraud didn't work.

Begging electors to violate their pledge and vote against Trump didn't work.

Spygate didn't work.

The Mueller Russia hoax didn't work.

The Ukraine impeachment hoax didn't work.

Next up for somethng that won't work: global pandemic to wreck the strongest pillar of Trump's re-election bid, the robust US economy.

Try to figure the mathematical probability this ‘viral time bomb’ explodes at the exact point in time that allows for maximum damage (see above) prior to the presidential election.

Outside of standard deviation?

Pretty easy to see what's afoot here, when you add in people like Feinsteinn, the Clintons, and others in our govt being in bed with the wonderful Chinese communists

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Wouldn't you want to replace your current presumptive nominee with someone MORE likeable—and at least almost as well known? This is a giant leap backward, and I love it.

Most Americans today have absolutely ZERO idea who the fuck Cuomo is. And it's far too late at this stage of the game to run an effective name-recognition drive.

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This country was ROONED by Franklin Delano Roosevelt."

Archie Bunker, to Maude

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Upvote if you expected something to do with Styx.

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Everyone should have a MIC LOCK (TM) plugged into the headphone jack of their phone right now.

For $7, it completely blocks sounds from your surroundings being picked up by your cell phone. No more eavesdropping or recording. My wife and I only remove the device to speak into the phone or listen to a video. Works flawlessly.

No, snipping off the plug from an ordinary pair of headphones and plugging that in won't do it. MIC LOCK is peace of mind and security in a tiny package. No, I don't work for them.

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"What we have done is, the reason why most of the world was REPAIRED to us,...is because of (wait for his sappy cliché catchphrase...wait for it....wait for it)...


This demented imbecile literally is losing brain cells as we watch.

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Food is more vital to health and more universally consumed by every human than "healthcare".

If anything should be a right given to human beings, it's food. Unlike healthcare, it is needed by everyone and can be produced very inexpensively. Yet, we're all expected to buy our own food, and accept that if you don't work, you don't eat.

The vast majority of human ailments, people bring upon themselves. Many people avoid doctors like the plague (ha) and take responsibility for their own health. Why should they have to pay for fatasses to sit on their sofas smoking cigarettes and sucking down 7up and Doritos, wallowing in diabetes?

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At this point he couldn't tell you what "airplane" means.

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Hate is counterproductive. It's the left that seeks to divide you. "They want you divided. Divided you are weak. Together you are strong." —Q

No one needs to feel pressure to take the red pill now. That's not important to a patriotic pro-America movement that specifically urges citizens to trust in only God and President Trump—not in gurus or "paytriots" seeking to enrich themselves by selling the message.

Waiting until it all comes to pass and finding out about it later along with the masses is acceptable.

If you like people such as Educating Liberals, James Woods, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Ben Garrison, for example, and think they're based,...then consider that maybe they perceive something about this that you don't. Maybe wonder why. Maybe be curious as to why Trump retweets Q accounts and has never once disavowed the movement or said it was fake, to keep his followers from being divided and intentionally misled by what he would know was a "larpy psy-op".

Eventually the deep red pill will be swallowed, but there's no rush.

"These things take time." :)

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This is the MSM propaganda version of the situation.

What are some other times you think they've been 100% unanimous and simultaneous in their condemnation of something pro-Trump and pro-America—and been proven correct and truthful about it?

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Got your back, patriot. Congratulations for having the courage to dispense the red pills. They need not be shoved down anyone's throat. Just lay them on the table, and let them be consumed in time.

Where one of us goes, eventually, all of us will go. Once they realize and accept the possibility that MSM and social media have consistently lied to them about the Movement, WHILE NEVER ONCE HAVING THE BALLS TO SIMPLY ASK TRUMP IF IT'S REAL OR A "PSY-OP".

Because they know doing so would force the president's military intel team to prove their assertions to avoid looking crazy, which would completely expose the rampant crime and corruption of the cabal and their media mouthpiece.


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Thanks for making this easy

Re-education camps are job training centers and mental health clinics. After the Great Awakening and removal of the globalist cabal, they would be used to de-brainwash and de-radicalize socialist forces. Instead of locking people in a cage as punishment or lining them up against the wall and shooting them, we could help re-integrate them into society. It is inherently more ethical than a prison or work camp.

Compassion, ethics and morality flow naturally from capitalist, conservative, and libertarian thought, rather than from authoritarian, socialist, and communist thought.

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Judging purely by your photo, you really shouldn't have to "debate" with your man to get him to see things your way.

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This makes it easy for us to quickly accept and later reject e-celebs as we are not a cult of personality but an idelogical movement.

Correct. This is why I never understand the criticism of people by labeling them "ideologues".

If someone is committed to the soundness of their ideas rather than to ever-shifting personalities, isn't that integrity, remaining consistent in their thinking and sticking to their values?

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Well, there goes Cernovich, whom Scott Adams idolizes.

Been saying this for years: Gotta take the "based Dilbert merchant" at about 80/20. When he's on, he's spot on, and his predictions often come before anyone else's. When he's off, he's really really off.

Like "Holy crap, for a smart guy you're such a gullible, naive fool, I'm stopping the video now" off. This happens with alarming yet reassuring consistency.

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Both equally unlikeable demons. So why not pick the woman, who also has the gargantuan nationwide political influence and the battalion of sycophantic, psychopathic robots willing to die for her, which Cuomo will never have?

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She would wait two years before having him killed off, so she could theoretically be president for the full 10 years (in the bizarre unreal world of make-believe, where the election is successfully rigged for the dems AND no military coup takes place to prevent her assuming control and instantly plunging the capital markets and the Republic into total chaos and destruction).

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