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Same. Work in science. Could be considered a scientist by most of the public. I dont necessarily consider myself to be truly a "scientist", because that is such a broad sweeping term, that doesnt narrow down your area of focus. I mean, scientist of what exactly?

But anyway, I definitely would be considered as such by most of these people. It would also shock them to know that I'm hardcore right wing.

I try my best to not allow my political opinions to interfere with empirical evidence, but there are some things (like climate change rhetoric), that I have hard line beliefs about (solar activity people. Not carbon! Listen to Dr.Soon! He proves that data is being manipulated to achieve political agendas!).

I also dont go out of my way, generally speaking, to advertise my beliefs.

I've actually had people assume I'm a leftist, because of my job, and because I dont advertise my beliefs otherwise.

They've been like, "what? what?? WHAT???" when I set them straight. Their world basically shattered to k ow that someone "highly educated", who works in their beloved "science", is a right wing, gun toting, hard line conservative.

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Which would imply that a game and fish employee, who would be the ones who tranq and collar bears, was... gasp a TRUMP supporter! And put a sticker on a collar they were using at work!

Which means.....they aren't q compliant little govt employee who hates trump and is ideologically pure. They must be rooted out and destroyed, because they just cannot STAND the possibility that within their own ranks (govt), there might exist someone who is a conservative. Especially an outspoken one.

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This is so that IF and that's a BIG if, the congressional investigation amounted to anything, and real stones start being overturned, they can say, "we aren't censoring conservatives, look alex Jones, the most crazy of crazy conservatives is on our platform!"

And then, normies who might hear about it in the news will go check, and will see him on there, and will then think "well it must have been bullshit right wing conspiracies that alex Jones was deplatformed, see hes right fucking here, I can look him up myself" at which point they'll stop digging and will side with google. ..

Its gaslighting 101

You manipulate the situation, and then when your victim sounds the alarm, you put things back the way they were, so that anyone who might come rushing to your victims aid thinks they were crying wolf, and stops listening to them.

At which point you get to start the abuse again. Only the next time, nobody will listen, and will think they're just crying wolf, and you get away with your bullshit.

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Protip: it wasn't about not wearing a mask or not wearing a mask while eating.

It was about being a trump supporter.

Not having a mask on was the justification they felt they FINALLY had to assault someone. They felt they could get away with it this time, but obviously found out differently.

Remember, if these clowns thought they could get away with it, they'd be bike locking you if you even LOOKED LIKE a conservative.

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I don't think that we, as human beings -which let's face it... are still very much animals... aren't evolved enough to live in this disconnected world we have created.

We accelerated too fast, and shot into the stars too quickly... Our attention went from literally going into the stars, and instead focused on shiny baubles that allowed us to get lazy. We used the technology that was propelling us into great heights, and in turn used it to tether us to our couches and chain us into prisons we created.

There still needs to be some element of the human condition for us to thrive.... We need to be connected to survival in some way. Work, for many generations, was that connection.... Making things, farming, manufacturing. Even in the most modern world, we kept at least some connection to that for a long time.

But when our economy shifted to a service industry... and the vast majority of even our jobs turned into stupid busy work bullshit, we lost a lot of it.

And now, people are tired of it and don't want to do even that any longer. They just want to sit around and do nothing. And they want to get paid for it. Which causes immense problems. They have no struggle. They don't even know what the fuck struggle is.

I don't think it can even be filled by "hobbies", per se, as in hobby craftsmanship or hobby gardening... Because there needs to be that element of hardship before the struggle is real. Before that element of the human condition is restored.

I honestly think automation, to the extent we are headed, is a mistake. It's going to leave even more idle hands than we have already.

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That dog and pony show as nothing but a farce yesterday. Gaetz, Jordan and Steube were the only ones to show any balls. The rest were nothing but a stroke fest, giving nothing short of a corporate fellating -swallowing included.

That insufferable cunt from google was probably the worst, IMO... Even worst than Zuck.

He sits there all quiet and still, giving virtually the same answer to every single question. It was like talking to some damned foreign tech support, giving a scripted answer over and over and over.

That guy was infuriating.

The worst part, is knowing that as much as he acted all docile and innocent, the motherfucker is the one ordering the shit they are discussing, and he knows damned well they're guilty.

All liars. Every one of them.

It was satisfying, though, to watch Zuckerberg visibly get frustrated at a few points, though.

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It's a trap. The second the leave, any state/local forces that appeared to "step up" will just get orders to stand down again.

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The state forces will just be told to stand down the second the feds are gone. This is a ploy.

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I'm kind of fond of the idea of taking all of the fed resources, pulling back to the city border, and then very quietly start putting up a huge chain link fence with concertina wire. Just start building battlements around the city without telling anyone in power there.

When they show up and start asking questions, just ignore them and continue building. If they march into a tent and demand answers, just quietly escort them out by the wrist, place them back on the city side of the wall, and go back to work.

Allow their peaceful protesters to peacefully protest without a single shred of intervention whatsoever. Let them do whatever they want to do, with zero consequences, just as they're demanding.

I'm pretty sure the city officials will get the hint ricky tick.

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This is the real answer. This isn't a win. It's a ploy to remove the feds, so the staties can take over, at which point... The second the feds are gone, the state will be given orders to stand down.

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The worst part about women who do this in any organization, is their blistering incompetence.

They are blinded by wanting so bad to be at the top of a hierarchy that they just cannot fathom how those "old men" got there, to the point they believe the only possible way for them to get there is to spread their legs and fuck their way in.

Unfortunately, in corrupt systems, it works. But this ends up leaving an outcome where the only skill they have is laying on their back and seducing a bunch of old SIMPs, weeding through the men who are willing to give them what they want, and the men who have integrity and tell them no.

Then, once they get either close to where they want to be, or somehow make it to where they want to be.... It all comes crashing down around them, taking everyone with them. Because it becomes obvious pretty fast, how they got there.

These women leave a wake of destruction on their path, with not a single shred of remorse.

If you have ever had the displeasure of having one onboard into your organization, the first red flag generally speaking, is their previous employment will be a topic that is off limits. Whenever it comes up, they'll try to change the subject pretty quickly, get irrate and anxious whenever the discussion comes too close to them, and they'll even go as far as getting angry or even just straight up causing a fight to dip out of that conversation.

Then, if some people do a little digging, it's not too difficult to research their previous colleagues if things start getting cancerous around your organization as it pertains to your new coworker. That's when the red flags REALLY start to show up.

The people she used to work for will generally not want to speak her name, they'll just give vague warnings, or in some cases, they'll warn you to stay very very far away from her.

If these warnings aren't taken seriously.... pretty soon, your organization will be start down the same path of destruction, as she starts seeking out anyone guy with a shred of authority above her own, that she can coax into sleeping with her. This will start the favoritism, the lopsided duties, the play-dates at work, and eventually, once she has slept with more than one of them.... It will start the in-fighting between them.

Which is the first domino that needs to fall so that she can begin climbing up the ladder. She'll simply start sleeping a step or two higher than the first ones she slept with, so that when those first level dudes end up fighting with each other over her, and one of them either quits or gets fired over it.... She steps into a promotion over it.

This will continue until one of two things happen:

She will either climb up and up, through the same process, rinsed and repeated over and over until she gets what she wants (at which point she'll be exposed, be out of her element, and the whole thing will crash down around her)..... Or, someone high enough will take notice, and put a firm boot to her ass and kick her out. At which point she'll just go somewhere else and start the process over again.

Honestly, though... The pathetic SIMPs who allow themselves to be drawn into a piece of ass, who allow their careers and the careers of others to be destroyed over a manipulative piece of ass that they're NEVER going to have more than a night in a hotel with.... Are just as bad... They're just as much to blame.

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Same take here.... I've been working non stop, and have been fine. People need to grow the fuck up, stop being scared little pissants, and get the fuck back to work and they won't be broke.

Middle school teachers, who far too often these days are 27 year old Karens, childless and with about 17 cats, a cupboard full of wine, and a head full of mental instability, coupled with a hundred thousand dollars of debt and a humanities degree..... need to get the fuck out of the streets and back to their do-nothing jobs.

They are a huge reason why the "unemployment" benefits keep coming out. Because the gravy train is too sweet to give up. Why the fuck would they go back to work and EARN their money (lol if you can call that earning it), when they can just make more than they were getting paid before, to sit at home on their asses and pretend the sky is falling?

We should not be handing out stimulus money, no unemployment benefits, no grants or loans.

We should not be forcing businesses to shut down, we should not be doing any of this shit.

I mean.... More people die from far simpler things every damned year. We don't shut down our entire society and cripple our economy because some painted face clown has a fast food franchise selling soda and french fries, causing obesity and diabetus.

We don't shut our nation down because cars exist. There are about 60k deaths from cars per year. If you negate the number of nursing home deaths from covid, that's about on par with the "regular" people who have died. And those are the ones who also have other conditions, or very likely died in a workplace accident but just happened to test positive for covid... that's the thing -the testing and reporting is so politicized now, you can't even get an accurate number. The amount of people who have literally been killed by the virus, and the virus alone, is likely under 20k. And that can be chalked up to shit luck.

But you know, let's just destroy our entire civilization over that.

I say fuck all of the stimulus act nonsense. People need to grow up and be an adult.

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I pray to god you're correct... I pray to god the left doesn't pull off some fucking open damned coup or other horseshit that they're of course still going to try... I pray to god almighty their efforts fail.... Because if by some stretch of the imagination they are successful.... That vaccination WILL BE mandatory.

And who the fuck knows what will actually be in it.

All the normies can go get injected with a hastily developed drug all they want. I'm not even necessarily anti-vax. I mean, medicine is a good thing. We got rid of polio for fucks sake. But we studied and did it the right way. We didn't rush shit out the door without even using the damned proven scientific method, all for a political power play.

You'd have to be stupid to allow yourself to be injected with whatever garbage they come up with for covid. You'll end up with all sorts of complications in the best case, and the worst case is some evil agenda under the guise of medicine.

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I mean, if we didn't have this bullshit in the first place, he couldn't have abused it.

All of this "stimulus" bullshit needs to fucking die.

Get back to work and stop giving goddamned excuses. The only reason people need "loans" is because they're giving into authoritarian regimes threatening them. If everyone just said fuck the establishment's threats, and just went back to business, we'd be over this horseshit in about 24 hours.

Fuck giving people unemployment benefits, fuck giving people stimulus checks, fuck giving paycheck protection loans.

We're going to be paying for this shit for goddamned years through taxes. Mark my words. In about two years, our taxes are going to go through the fucking roof.

Mostly, because middle school teachers with hundreds of thousands of dollars of student debt for their humanities degree, who were too busy rioting to go back to work, demanded they keep getting stimulus checks and unemployment insurance.

Meanwhile, I've been working since the start of this shit, and have been perfectly fine, with not a single handout (save for the stimulus, which I wouldn't have even taken if it wasn't just deposited into my bank account -which I just went and bought a fuck ton of ammo and a new gun with, because fuck it, if they're going to force me to take it, I'm going to buy supplies for when shit goes south).

This shit needs to end.

Stop giving everybody free shit. Stop handing out bullshit to everybody just because they claim they need it.

If you go back to work you don't need it.

I've been working just fine with no problems. It's not that scary out there. People need to grow the fuck up and tie their bootlaces. It's time to go back to being adults for christs sake.

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I went earlier, after telling myself I wasn't going to support that establishment any longer due to being g turned away last week.....but once I got there, i circled the parking lot...saw probably double the people wearing masks even in the PARKING LOT, with easily three or four employees manning the security check point. Along with what appeared to be a town cop standing there. After some internal dialog, I was disappointed in myself for even attempting to go back, even though I needed groceries and they're literally the only fucking place for a 30 minute drive.....

So I just left.

I went instead to the next county over where theres a large food lion that has publicly stated they will not enforce mask mandates, and will leave it as a personal choice.

I noticed that a solid 80% of the patrons there were not wearing masks. Only the very elderly, and the occasional Karen looking woman.

I refuse to give my hard earned money to any establishment that is trying to force corporate policing down our necks over something that amounts to compliance shit testing.

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See post below. Not all small towns. I thought so when I moved in February.

This criminal shit is prolific now.

I moved 10 hours and thought I found a quiet town. It looked like it on the surface anyway.

You find out differently after about day 3 of actually moving in.

You gotta do your research man.....

Stay away from poverty. That's the key. Stay the fuck away from poverty.

Buy land and isolate yourself. Dont live near anyone else. That's what I'm going to end up doing in a month or so.

I'm so fucking tired of this shit, of being all up on other people, who are just completely and totally wrapped up with crackhead shit, who glorify pill culture, and criminality.

I'm sick and fucking tired of it.

I have zero fucking respect for the life of these cockroaches. If you're a pill head, crackhead, methhead...sling dope, run in gangs, into thug culture, have a rap sheet, run from the police, carry an illegal high point in your underwear....have 7 illegitimate kids.....pound rap music 24/7, and refuse to get a job.....

I'm sorry, but I see you as filth.

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I moved in February. Saw the writing on the wall.

Got the fuck out. I had been seeing a decline for awhile, and I wasn't even in the thickest of the thick, but was seeing the urban/leftist expanse creep into where I was at. What used to be a quiet neighborhood started turning into a shithole as more and more people relocated, as more and more houses started popping up overnight.

When the COVID madness started, it went to becoming literally unsafe just 20 minutes from where I lived.

So I packed up and got the fuck out, moving over 10 hours away.

I didnt land in the most perfect area. I took the first apartment I could find, in a place I thought was decent, where I found wor.

Kinda went out of the pan and into another skillet, just not as bad.

I've had drug addicts all around me since moving, fucking gang banger hood scum trolling around my buildings lot. Doing the whole good swagger, hands on their crotch, scoping everybody out for an easy mark.

I'm not new to this. I've lived on shit military bases before. I know this routine.

I stay heavy wherever I go.

I swear nobody in my building fucking works. They just hang out in the parking lot, and sling dope all day. Have parties all night long. They're always there, ALWAYS.

The cops have been in and out since I moved in, but I noted after the floyd shit, it slowed down, but the noise and gang banging definitely didnt. Just the patrolling slowed down.


I'm probably going to be moving again by September.

I figured going to a backwater southern town that wasn't a big city would have been the ticket, it would have been like the farming community I grew up in.


Same criminal horseshit. Same ghetto ass shenanigans. Just in run down redneck apartments in a small town, where the asphalt hasn't been paved in 30 years and the buildings are condemned, because there haven't been any businesses there since the tobacco industry left in the 40s.

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The problem, though, is those cities control the voting doe the entire rest of that state. Including the laws. So what's right for the leftist city ends up being the standard for the conservative rural areas.

There needs to be a separation there. City states perhaps, so they cant control the rural areas.

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Perhaps....but so many people these days are just so selfish, full of shit, and bought into the bread and circus. They want communism even if they dont realize it.

Just go look at any walmart right now and look at how many weaklings are willingly complying with mask mandates who a month ago were pretending to have balls and be tough guys who wouldn't comply.

I know a guy, for example, that used to screech about how nobody should be forced to wear a seatbelt, and the government should have no authority to force you. He would get on a weird soapbox about it, and how his reason for that opinion was freedom and liberty.

Now, he has turned into a fucking mask Karen, screeching about how hes pissed that people are still allowed to go into stores in some places WITHOUT one.

So to answer your question...I unfortunately think we have too many people like that, who are full of ahit, who are gutless and spineless, all talk and no actual principles, who would sell you out in an instant if only it meant they got three more months of free shit.

They dont give a fuck about being United, even if they claim they do.

It's all bread and circus 24/7 now.

The only possible future for us, is to go John Galt and let the idiots wallow in their filth, let them have their communism, let them build their utopia of free shit.

We can still be the US, with the same principles we had before. We can still return to that, and be better than ever. Were just going to have to divorce a chunk of land, cut free that dead weight, and let the morons who aren't with the program go do their little experiment, so we can get to work fixing our shit.

I dont think a hot conflict would do a great deal to unify us, as we currently stand.

Were going to have to dump off these leftist strongholds before we can move forward with anything meaningful.

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I mean, if you haven't seen the reality of the situation yet, fren.....the left isnt going to peacefully coexist within the same geographic boundary.

We are two completely different societies at this point, total and complete opposites. Were pretty much hostile nations now, still pretending to belong to the same republic.

But this is why theres such a strong and fierce opposition going on right in front of our eyes. They will not, and at this point never will, accept living in a society that is governed by our people...much the same as we will not accept the opposite.

Like it or not, what's coming is a dissolution of territories. That's the only way we can peacefully exist. There are simply far too many people now who want their way to be 100% complete opposite, to the point of being g literally hostile to our way, for us to continue as a single nation.

Conservatives who end up trapped behind enemy lines are going to have a bad time. Because its I credibly obvious that the territory they end up taking g is going to be the west coast, and perhaps parts of new England. We'll be left with everything between.

Then, they can create their utopia, which will burn to the ground...and we can go back to reality.

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Do you know how many people a year die from obesity? Or heart disease? Or car accidents? Or literally anything g else that puts 140k into perspective?

There are over 340 million citizens in the US.

Throwing out numbers of deaths in the hundred thousands, and using it as scare tactics, without proper context to OTHER numbers that ste just as high. Is just ridiculous.

Were already halfway through the year. This thing only started getting reported in like late January, and was likely already a thing back in December or even November depending g on who you ask.

Do we need to shut down our entire economy and impose tyranny because there are fast food operations in business, that sell greasy French fries? Should we put our nation into trillions of dollars in debt, tell everyone to hide indoors, and scream for universal income so that nobody ever has to leave the houses because there are vehicles on the interstate?

Because people die to those things in comparable numbers in the same spans of time.

Yet, we've been perfectly fine for decades to not even notice.

But suddenly, because the CCP is getting its ass handed to it, the DNC is in shambles and getting exposed for the communists they are, and Trump is closing in on a landslide....we need to be worried about a virus that has done what any virus does??? To the extent of destroying ourselves and allowing a marxist takeover to occur?

(I'm not replying directly to your point so much as I am emphasizing it)

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I've taken the chaotic neutral approach... Because my employer rolled out similar horseshit when the gender ideology thing happened.

They wanted pronoun identification in emails and security badges, and offered special privileges/opportunities for LGBTQIA folks if they wanted them.

At first I was pretty livid, but to be perfectly honest, it didn't really effect me personally a great deal -as I don't have any gender confused people in my shop, and I don't interface with anybody who is going to get fussy about it.

Myself and the people around me made more of a joke about it than anything else. So I thought about it for awhile, to decide if I was going to leave it be or take the troll approach.

Keep in mind, this was last year. Before the recent SCOTUS shenanigans.

I ended up telling my superiors my pronouns were they/them, and then reached out and said I belonged to the LGBTQ community.

That actually stirred the pot a little bit, which I didn't expect. I honestly thought they'd have been too afraid to say anything. My immediate supervisor tried calling me out on it, because he knows me fairly well.

I told him I was "aromantic" because I feel no romantic connection to smash and dash tinder dates I bring home, and just plow through millennial cat ladies whenever I need to get my rocks off, and dump them on the curb. I told him I used to think I had a problem, until I realized I was special and belonged to the LGBTQIA+ community, since asexual and aromantic fall under that umbrella, and since then embraced my new lifestyle.

I asked if there were any training and advancement opportunities that could be afforded to me, and asked him to forward that request up the chain.

Funny part of that was, I ended up getting a little bit of interest from higher chain of command, but I believe it was more intrigue than anything else. Subtly poking around and trying to figure out how I pulled that shit out of my ass.

Well.... Fast forward to this year, when SCOTUS pulled their fuckery out of their ass.

Boss and bosses boss are both incredibly awkward talking about the subject around me now, when they would openly kind of joke about it before. Like, "Look out, here they come, them's a slayer over here, laying pipe every weekend".

Now it has turned into more of a "shit.... we have to take this guy serious now".

I'm just like.... What the fuck ever, when in clown world, the only possible action you can take is to honk.

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Sadly, where I work, the administration fosters this behavior/attitude.

This has been one of the issues that conservatives sat around and let happen, realistically. It happened gradually, over a long span of time.... however, there was a huge blitzkrieg over the last like... 3 years that seemed to coincide after the 16 election, where the left started pumping as many resources as they could into getting ideologues into human resources and administration roles.

I recall watching this happen, as I was in communication with some guys I know in other industries who were seeing it as well.... About a year into this push, suddenly there were simultaneous sweeping changes to policies that essentially fortified the existence of leftist ideology and leftists in general in the workplace.

I recall hearing about new policies, such as gender ideology, coming out in my company... and then talking with those guys I communicate with, and they were hearing about them in their industries at the same time.

It was kind of absurd how these things were happening at the same time.

So now, this attitude of being able to have a leftist opinion and shit talk or even harass anyone who is conservative... It's totally fine.

You can go as far as you like with it. You can break whatever corporate policy you want, you can literally stalk someone, threaten them, or anything else -so long as you're a leftist and that's known, and the subject of your harassment is political... and your victim is a conservative. And nothing will be done about it. Even if you're blatantly breaking both policy and even in some cases law.

But the second a conservative tries to speak out against it, they are hammered down and canceled out. They're destroyed.

Such is cancel culture.

The only way this is going to stop, though, is to reaffirm the first amendment and ensure that it's applied in all settings.

Because right now.... The left can say that sort of shit, they can be a doctor and talk about they hope he gets covid, and they're untouchable. But if a conservative says he doesn't believe a man can be a woman.... He gets destroyed.

In a perfect world, politics would be against the rules again like it used to be. But I'm afraid that's never going to happen again.

So we're just going to have to get the 1st amendment set in fucking STONE, and make it known that if they can have those opinions, then conservatives can have theirs too, and anyone trying their cancel culture horseshit can and more importantly, WILL, have the swift and HEAVY arm of the law shit down their throat with civil rights law suits for denying freedom of speech.

They'll start to shut up and go away once they have their cancel culture toys taken away from them. Once they don't have a human resources division to go cry to because someone told them their political opinion was retarded, and then refused to participate in gender ideology... And then that same human resources division is powerless to cancel the person for speaking up for themselves.

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