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This is a fantastic idea, let's just divide everyone until we're on the brink of a legit race war, and then let's tell them that one race is more deserving of the other.

Surely this will go over peacefully and be productive.

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This is because nobody is calling their bluff, and then suing the fuck out of them.

Your employer has ZERO right to any of your health information.

You are either fit for work, or not fit for work. A doctors note saying, "motherslut may return to work tuesday" is sufficient, and is all they need to know..

Any employer who starts asking for your health details, outside of a handfulnof professions where its relevant, should be sued out of existence.

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Honestly, I am too.

"Veteran owned" to me is a huge red flag, that some fuckup who never went anywhere in their military career, who did nothing but drive a desk, is now playing thst card of "im a soldier bro, my shit is on point, because like I said, im a soldier, in case you missed it the first time".

Ivw had some good experiences with veteran owned businesses, but also some horrible ones. It doesn't automatically make you not a piece of shit.

I honestly wish you couldn't use thwt as a marketing scheme. Its basically using the military's image to make money, which should be a civil offense IMHO.

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Ivw always really loved Teddy Roosevelt. I wonder what he was REALLY like. Im sure history has romanticized him a great deal.... but that man is personally responsible for the great public lands we have, that are locked away into preservation for all of us to enjoy.

I always loved that photo of him with John Muir, standing in what is now Yellowstone, if memory serves correctly.

That dude was an OLD SCHOOL hard ass. He was the type who, at least from what I can tell in history..... was not influenced by his station in life, but rather, his station in life was influenced by the man.

He was not afraid to roll up his sleeves, put on some boots, and take a horse out into the mountains to personally oversee whatever he was doing.

In other words, he wasn't some suit wearing politician that would hide in an office. He had real grit, and was not afraid to prove it.

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Gyms, restaurants and Churches all on that list. The businesses impacted are all small non-franchise stores.

Notice how since this thing started, way back at the beginning.... large corporate franchises like Walmart for example, face precisely zero fines or harassment.

They're just left to do whatever the fuck they want to do, mask rules or no mask rules.... And even if they did get fined $1,000 a day.....

What the fuck would that do to walmart? They lose more money than that to broken/damaged merchandise every day.

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That part gave me a raging erection. I haven't felt this much freedom since before the plague.

Not only telling them to get fucked and leave, but following them out and telling them to keep fucking walking.

Shaming the FUCK out of them, and telling them they're cunts.

Fuck "civility". It's time these assholes start having people jump down their throats.

And when they say, "Sir don't yell at me please"....... yell harder... GET NASTY. Tell them exactly how much of a waste of fucking oxygen they are, and how their mothers would have been better suited to have taken the load on the chin.

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Came here to say this.... The answer, is not to enact federalization or even state control.... Because that could just be abused even worse later on.

The answer, is to have multiple levels of govt, where the most local establishment really and truly is king. Because then, your govt is much more representative of that specific community.

It should be a "trickle up" effect, where the local communities have the most authority and power to do shit, and with each step up the chain, it has less and less control outside of just keeping our damned economy/infrastructure running, and national defense.

That should be it, full stop. Communities need to be empowered.

If you have a voice in your local town, and that local town has the ACTUAL power to stand up to tyranny.... Then they can fucking stand up to tyranny.

If your town/city is a shithole, because it's infested with communists.... They can do whatever they want, too, but at least we have a buffer and the ability to surround them with communities that do not put up with their horseshit.

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This video honestly, and truthfully gave me the biggest fucking ERECTION I've ever had in my life. Like, I'm so fucking light headed right now, I had to lay down and post this on my phone, because I've got so much damned PATRIOT BLOOD pumping through my boner right now.

This is EXACTLY what needs to happen. Shame the FUUUUCCCCKKKKK out of these communist cunts, tell them how worthless and disgusting they are, and most importantly:


They need to know fear again. They need to know when they are pushing boundaries they shouldn't even be anywhere in the same universe of.

This is the motherfucking way. Fuck this pussy ass shit of trying to be "civil" or "respectful".... These cockfucks don't give a rats ass if you're "civil" or not. At least, not any further past the point that it makes their feelings not get hurt, but it doesn't mean SHIT towards your case.

They're going to persecute us as hard and far as they can, so long as we let them.

Draw that line in the sand, and say, "We do not kneel".

And when they say, "But it's a mandate/order/made the fuck up law, we're just doing our jobs",

Reply back with, "All the same, we still do not fucking kneel". And fold your arms, stand fast, and REFUSE to back down.

Force them to use force against you if they want to enact their control schemes so badly.

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Classic projection.

If you haven't ever actually dug into the literature on that phenomenon to truly understand how visceral and primordial of a human behavior it really is.... you need to.

Because there's a world of difference between the meme usage of "lol projection!" And actually understanding where it comes from psychologically, and what it does.

People who have incredible insecurities or fears, often times due to something they themselves have done....will engage in this behavior to more or less trick their brain into thinking, "you know what? This thing im terrified of is actually not happening to me/I'm not responsible for it. Its actually the OTHER guy/some external factor"

Then they get to wipe the sweat from their brow, and sigh a nervous relief, hoping nobody calls them out.

Because if they don't get called out, then they must be correct, right? Surely people aren't just being civil/polite and keeping their REAL feeling about this behavior to themselves, right???

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This is a GREAT idea.

A conservative defense league, if you will.

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I mean, he was "armed", technically. Not no mo

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This is a very good point I think a lot of people missed.

Certification is a legal process, which as you pointed out, is like a contract.

Certifying under duress, is not certifying.

Thats called survival instincts, which just about anyone (regardless of what they might claim otherwise), will resort to once they perceive a great enough threat. Theyll cave in just to get to safety.

Then, you can work out the real details later, once authorities are involved.

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Yep.... thats exactly the feel I get too.

This CCP bullshit of fabricating an entire reality, and refusing to so much as even entertain, yet alone tolerate, the notion of a different point of view.

Its sickening.

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I mean, thats what I did with the first round of handouts.

These sycophants want to FORCE us into their marxist ahithole, by destroying our businesses, destroying our lives, crippling us economically and through draconian tyrannical power grabs....

Then, once everyone is on the edge of homelessness and hopelessness, with no path to escaping it..... they want to dip in all, "heyyyyy you need some of this universal income? What, whos going to pay for it? Lol we don't worry about such petty things when money printer go burrr lmfao just take it and get dependent on us bigot".

Then, even our currency in and of itself will collapse, at which point their UBI will be worthless.

You see...

They collapse our businesses and economy via MUH COVID, and people are quick to praise and buy into UBI schemes.....

But THEN they collapse even our fucki g currency in and of itself, with MUH UNIVERSAL INCOME

After that, after our nation has been destroyed completely and totally, they go,

"LOL loot sack go burrrrr" as they scoop up whatever valuables they can (land, real estate, businesses other tangible assets)...

FUCKING THEN, they are like "oh. Well shucks guys, we could have sworn this wqs going to work. Sorry! We would have been successful but all of those evil Bible thumper just fucked up our plans.... well, I guess we all have to go back to working 70 hours a week, since we're so far in the gutter..... good news though, we MYSTERIOUSLY have plenty of businesses and shit for you, waiting. Oh, and we have new currency and new govt structure.... everything started new with our GREAT RESET.... just ignore how fucking rich and powerful we are lol"

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That will just end up being a stimulus to the black market, when people start buying forged vaccination IDs and/or forged paperwork about having vaccinations.

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"I was supposed to go to med school, but local corruption destroyed my life because I was forced into politics to fight it all"...

Is basically akin to the ones that say, "I was going to go into the military, but I blew out my knee and they wouldn't accept me even though I could have done it".

Or, "I was going to join the fire academy and work for the city, but I got sick right before I went and they wouldn't let me go with my lungs being bad".

Excuse your personal failings by blaming every other external factor, and refusing to take any sort of responsibility. It's the way of the left.

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Nowhere good. I would like to leave some sort of wisdom here about something regarding how bullies eventually meet someone they can't push around any longer...

But the truth is... This kind of behavior just paves the way for some terrible, terrible things. Especially true when there's no push back on it.

They're perfectly fine doxxing, threatening and labeling people today... What happens when they escalate to the next level? And make no mistake, this has been a continual escalation. It has gone from deep, to deeper, to deeper yet.

Each escalation, the left resorts to more and more extreme bullshit that destroys lives and walks all over people.

What happens when they realize they have no consequences for doing all of this? What else is there left to escalate to? If you're doxxing, threatening, and harassing people... What's the next step after that?

Oh, that's right....

These weak as fuck GOP dinosaurs need to grow a pair before it's too late. I laugh when I say that, because the "before it's too late" was probably several years ago at this point.

It's going to cause some serious shit in our society.

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I hope you took that bet, and got it on paper, signed and notarized... and I hope you fully plan to increase their rent by 10,000% and just tell them it's communist tax.

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The truth of the matter is, that you pointed out... Some people are so weak, sheltered, and so coddled now.... That their entire reality would come crashing down and absolutely destroy their brains, to the point of literal emotional breakdowns... That would be so severe, they very likely would never come back from them.

The kind of breakdown where you end up in a mental institution with frizzled hair, drooling out the corner of your mouth, and staring out of a window all day, every day, for the rest of your natural life.... absolutely stewing in psych meds to the point you're a vegetable.

That's the line they're walking.

Admitting reality, that's SO crushing, and SO destructive to their world view.... would absolutely decimate them to the point they'd snap and never be able to return to sanity.

This is mostly the fault of modern society, though. They're brought up coddled, with everyone gets a trophy mentality... never being told no... being handed everything on a silver platter... And whenever they want something, they just cry about it enough and people give it to them -regardless of how ridiculous it is.

So when they DO come close to admitting reality, or seeing that things are ACTUALLY not what they believe them to be..... They just collapse in on themselves like a black hole.

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So what they're saying is.... elections are for sale. At the cost of just shy of 8 million dollars.

Or at least... fair elections. You can't get those unless you subscribe to the premium level account. The free account is limited to the server where everyone has hacks and just shits all over you.

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