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The tweet just exposes the guy for who he is. Slacktivist


Well-off and far-removed from the average Joe's life

The male version of Karen



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You know you're a fucking idiot when you post an info-graphic, for protesting, and it includes "snacks". Proof that this is meant for soybois whose moms aren't around to pass out the tendies. What a horseshit "movement".

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They tell him to lead by example. He is, in showing he's not some weak-ass, soy boi, buying into the alarmist bullshit. Leaders show strength. They don't do as they're told, when things get "rough", especially when "rough" isn't real.

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Jones, who has appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience numerous times, also announced that Rogan had specifically requested in his contract with Spotify that the Infowars host will be allowed to appear uncensored on the podcast on Spotify.

Jones said Rogan wants him as the first guest on the show when it arrives on Spotify on the 1st of September, followed by Elon Musk, who is also currently speaking out against big tech censorship and cancel culture.

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Bruce Jenner thinks he can get away with anything these days...

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She looks like a mannequin and Jake Tapper looks depressed. I wonder why?

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